Lego Super Mario Mario and Yoshi House 71367

LEGO Super Mario is a game popular with young people. It allows them to take on incredible challenges by competing against their friends, overcoming obstacles and getting rewards. To improve the gaming experience for players, the manufacturer offers an expansion set called The House of Mario and Yoshi 71367.

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Lego Super Mario is an extension developed to enrich the experience of children. It is made up of a tree, Toad houses and their characters (Toad and Toadette). There are also skid platforms and pirouettes, action bricks, a Goomba, 2 cheep cheeps and a treasure chest.

In its basic form, this game set is 41 centimeters deep, 17 centimeters high and 44 centimeters wide. However, it can be modified and associated with other sets of extensions and starter packages.

The aim of this game is to assist LEGO Mario in finding action bricks 1,2 and 3. These bricks are placed everywhere:

  • Either in one of the Toads’ houses
  • Either at the level of the treasure chest
  • Either in the tree

He will then have to perform orderly jumps to get the digital coins as a bonus.

When it comes to customer reviews, most buyers were satisfied and praised this set. Some greatly admired the interactive and creative side of the set while others applauded the ability to play it without the need for batteries. However, some customers lamented the digital-only guide.

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