Light in the box review – scam or bargain?

The mention of the Chinese store Light in the box generally rhymes with a wide choice of products, good deals and attractive prices. But can you really trust this platform?

The site stands out for its many advantages, but shopping there is certainly not without its drawbacks.

Presentation of the Chinese store Light in the box

Light in the box is a shopping site with over 12 years of online sales experience. It exclusively markets Chinese-made products. Its catalog is estimated today at more than 100 million items that you can buy through its site or its dedicated mobile application.

Light In The Box, a site with many advantages

Light in the box is a site that allows you to take advantage of certain advantages, it is indeed a very complete store that offers a multitude of products. But not only can you enjoy viewing feedback from bloggers who have received and tested the product and you can save money through a loyalty program.

Very complete online store

The store offers you a very wide choice of products in various categories. Whether it is high-tech, household appliances, clothing and fashion accessories, articles for babies, for the home or garden, etc. you are almost sure to find the item you want.

Possibility to browse the pages ”Featured by bloggers” and ”Selected brands

You can easily find the best rated articles that you might like by browsing the “Featured by Bloggers” and “Selected Brands” pages.

There is a loyalty program on the LightInTheBox website

Via this program, the store rewards your loyalty and the regularity of your purchases. Its principle is simple. You receive loyalty credits for each item ordered. You can then use them to purchase products on the platform.

Light In The Box a site that has some drawbacks

But by buying on this store, you can also have surprises, like additional customs fees and not foreseen, it is the risk with products coming from China. The sizes do not necessarily correspond to French sizes, it is generally necessary to hang a size above and it is necessary to be patient, the delivery is very long.

Possibility of having significant additional customs fees

One of the main drawbacks in purchasing from this Chinese site is the possibility of having to incur additional charges for customs and import tax. These charges are your responsibility and can be quite significant depending on the value of the products you purchase.

Clothing sizes that are random

Not only are the Chinese morphologies finer, but also the labeling of the items is random. So it may happen that you get clothes that are too small or that are larger than expected.

If delivery from China, delivery may take 90 days

Finally, with Light in the box, you should expect rather slow delivery times. As the majority of items are shipped from warehouses in China, the delivery of your package to France can take several weeks, or even up to 90 days.

Top tips for safe, quality shopping

Do I run the risk of finding counterfeit products?

As is common with Chinese sites, the risk of dealing with counterfeit or imitation items is not excluded. Remember also that the quality of the products remains uncertain. You need to be careful with your choices of articles on the site. Take the time to read descriptions / features, as well as customer reviews and comments.

What are the reimbursement conditions in the event of a problem?

Light in the box undertakes to reimburse you when you are not satisfied with the item received, if it is defective, damaged on delivery or has a quality defect. Your item must be eligible and returned within 14 days from the date you received your item.

How to make a return on Light in the box?

Simply contact store customer service through the app or site to notify them of your wish to return your item. The after-sales service will organize the return with you and will agree on a date and an address for the return of your package.

How does delivery with Light in the box work?

You are not entitled to free deliveries as is the case with competing sites Banggood and Joom. The store applies fees, the amount of which varies depending on your location, the dimensions and the weight of your packages. Here are the different delivery options available to you:

  • International postal service without tracking
  • International postal service with tracking
  • International express postal delivery
  • International express delivery
  • Local Standard Delivery.

Should I be exempt from customs fees?

It is not possible to free yourself from customs fees. However, to minimize their impact on your overall bill, Light in the box has cleverly provided Tax and Duty insurance. The purchase of this insurance allows you to be reimbursed for the charges applied to your items during passage through customs.

What to think of Light in the box compared to Joom, Wish and Aliexpress?

Unlike these competing platforms, Light in the box does not operate according to the marketplace model. You therefore have the advantage of buying from a site with its own stocks and exercising control over the quality of its products. However, its prices may be less favorable than those offered by Joom or Aliexpress which allow you to buy directly from the sellers / companies that manufacture the products.

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