Literary season 2015: The 10 books not to miss

The 2015 start-up is already here and promises to be busy in reading because since August 2015, 589 novels have been released in specialized bookstores and online bookstores, only intended for the literary re-entry of 2015. Among these 589 novels, we will nevertheless note a decrease of the number of French authors, in 2014, 404 novels were French in the selection for the literary re-entry, against 393 French novels in 2015.

With so many books to read Auto Edition Librairie has prepared a selection of the 10 novels not to be missed this year for the start of the school year.

Many authors, of diversity, will they meet the expectations of readers?

The selection of 10 novels that will stand out

Un amour impossible by Christine Angot:

The story takes place in Châteauroux in the late 1950s. A young woman Rachel is seduced by Pierre, who does not wish to marry. But despite his refusal for marriage, he nevertheless accepts to have a child with her. The child will be named Christine and will be raised only by his mother. Later Pierre will officially recognize his daughter, but only when she is a teenager, a fair childhood with her mother will not prevent Christine from being fascinated by her father. Little by little, the young girl will move away from her mother, to come closer and closer to her father. But the story is not so good, Pierre takes advantage of his daughter in a way too intimate. And faced with the father’s incest with Christine, his mother Rachel is helpless.

It is a book with absolute sincerity, treated with a sharp style, opening this novel to universal accessibility.

Many readers announce their reconciliation with Christine Angot after reading this intimate and poignant novel.

The crime of Count Neville by Amélie Nothomb:

The crime of Count Neville by Amélie Nothomb In the Neuville family a big party is organized every spring, in their castle which stands up in spite of itself. However this year this holiday will not be like any other, the father of the family must announce a news which does not have one; The sale of their home. And this is not the only twist of this family gathering.

A few days earlier the count went to see a clairvoyant, to try to find his youngest daughter who would have disappeared, is it a fugue? The clairvoyant tells him what she sees on this subject, but that’s not all. During the consultation, the clairvoyant predicted the death of one of her guests.

Could it be the young lady who happens to feel bad about herself and who is going to ask her father to assassinate her?

During the party, a plot between father and daughter takes place. But the count cannot resign himself to granting his daughter’s wish. Is he going to do it?

Obviously nothing goes as planned, but in this novel the drama mingled with the madness fuels the conversation in the great family of Nevilles.

Small pepper from Alain Mabanckou:

Small pepper by Alain Mabanckou blanketPetit Piment is a young orphan from Pointe-Noire. The young child goes to school in a Catholic institution. During the socialist revolution, the cards are redistributed and Petit Piment will escape with twins as brutal as each other, the young boy leaves while leaving his best friend behind him who has not wish to follow him. During their flight, young children engage in petty theft of all kinds, until the inhabitants clean up.

Later Petit-Piment will find refuge in a large family, in a large house, Mom Fiat 500 and ten young girls live there, a daily gaiety reigns in this house, which finally makes the young child smile and becomes very helpful. .

But the story will not go smoothly, the mayor of Pointe-Noire sets up an intervention against prostitution and cleans the place of Petit-Piment.

With all these events Petit-Piment begins to lose his mind, he meets many doctors but in vain. It seems that the problem is due to mental illness. This disease will not make Petit-Piment lose the north, he will take revenge against the one who has broken his destiny.

In this novel the writer Alain Mabanckou recounts the facts of his native country seen from the inside. The reader can understand the difficulties in some countries.

The Leaning Earth by Carole Martinez:

La Terre qui leaning by Carole Martinez coverThis is the story of Blanche, a young girl who died at the age of twelve, in 1361. She could have lived a peaceful death, if the little of her child that she lived did not haunt her. His child’s soul coexists with his old soul, variable stories are shared between the two souls.

The old soul marvels at the story told by the young soul in the present tense. Astonishment, seeing himself wearing his best clothes, then driven into the forest by his father without having the slightest idea of ​​what awaits him. She would never have thought of being offered to the devil, her father believed that times of misery would have ceased and the removal of black evil which seems to have already killed so much.

If Carole Martinez’s previous novel “Du Domaine des Murmures” pleased you, then this new novel will do the same. We find everything you loved, poetic writing, ever more endearing characters and a magnificent story.

Just before Alice Zenither is forgotten:

Just before Alice Zenither forgot coverOn Mirhalay, a lost island in the Hebrides reigns a strange atmosphere. It was on this island that Galwin Donnell lived his last years, before disappearing. How? ‘Or’ What ? According to some, he threw himself from the top of the cliff. But since the latter’s death, only the warden has lived there and as regards visitors, only specialists come every three years to comment on the scene of the crime.

One summer, a young girl, Emilie must start a thesis on Galwin Donnell, the missing writer. She therefore leaves for the isolated island cut off from the world. Emilie waits for her companion Franck to join her.

For his part, Franck hopes that during this trip he will be able to convince her to spend the rest of her days by his side.

But after arriving on the island nothing goes as planned. Galwin Donnel as dead as he is, disturbs the couple and plays a game of seduction with the young Emilie by interfering dangerously in their married life.

A novel with twist, captivating, we want to know the last word, the choice of Emilie.

Compass by Mathias Enard:

Compass by Mathias Enard coverAfter an alarming diagnosis Franz Ritter, a Viennese musicologist passionate about the Orient, becomes an insomniac. He flees his lonely nights in his memories of travels, studies and wonders. His attachment to the Grand Est and on the other hand his story with Sarah with whom he has surveyed the land of several countries of the East. Many memories, through which Franz seeks to reinvent his story better than what he was able to live.

It is in a world of explorers of the arts and of history, animated by a desire for discovery that the contemporary comes to slap. A tragic echo resonates in the souls of the characters.

Boussole is a melancholy and enveloping novel that delves into the memory of centuries of dialogue and artistic influences to heal the wounds of the present. A novel that is difficult to read from the first pages but we are immediately embarked on a journey of incomparable beauty.

Based on a true story by Delphine de Vigan:

Based on a true story by Delphine de Vigan coverAfter the success of one of her books, the novelist saw the anguish of the blank page. Questioning what she is going to have to write to convince her entourage and her audience again.

It is at this moment that she will meet a strange woman L., a charismatic woman with bewitching beauty whose job as a “ghost writer” consists of writing for others, celebrities and artists of all kinds. This woman will be initiated into the author’s life, unbeknownst to everyone, who will subsequently lead the novelist into a depression.

This novel is built in three parts: “Seduction”, “Depression” and “Treason”, this novel is the author’s life, it plunges us into the anguish of writers, their meetings which can become destructive.

An immersion in the life of Delphine de Vigan showing us one of the realities of the work of a writer.

Eva by Simon Liberati:

Eva by Simon Liberati coverIt is the novel of a romantic encounter between the author Simon Liberati and Eva Ionesco daughter of Irina Ionesco. A woman who took a picture of her in very intimate pictures.

Their story begins in the 80s. Simon meets Eva. The young girl is only twelve years old but already seems to be a character, the novelist is welcomed in a way he did not expect, he is insulted, but this one passes above this gap. Eva will inspire him one of his future characters Marina present in his first novel. Their paths separate.

Years later they reunite and even go this married. In this novel we find Eva’s difficult past and happier present, but also his past before his meeting with Eva, who was not so well written as his present alongside Eva.

A trying story with difficult times and happier ones, a story that the author shares with us.

The Infinite Comedy by David Foster Wallace:

The Infinite Comedy by David Foster Wallace coverIt’s the story of the Incandenza family, comprising eccentric parents and awesome kids with Hal, the gifted young teenager who plays tennis but uses marijuana. There is also the “Assasins en Fauteil Roulant”, a group of Quebec separatists, which entered into resistance. This group covets a formidable weapon, a clandestine video created by the father of the family. In this novel, we project ourselves into the near future where the entertainment company has won, in North America (the USA, Canada and Mexico have merged to form a federation.)

The author transports us to a wacky universe, a story with many twists and turns. Styling is difficult and requires more attention so as not to lose track. A curiosity which pushes the reader to go to the end of the book and he will not regret it.

Frankly from Richard Ford:

Frank Ford franchise coverageIt was in 2012 that Franck, 68, a former sports journalist and real estate agent, spent a peaceful retirement in New Jersey. It’s a retreat that seemed peaceful until Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the US East Coast. After this natural disaster, it is time to take stock of the damage in your life and around you. Franck takes stock, visits his ex-wife who now lives in a nursing home, he then goes to collect the confessions of an old friend; to subsequently confront their own prejudices.

A meeting with 4 characters after the storm Sandy with the character of Franck who is not new to the author, a portrait of America today. A novel where fiction and historical reality come together, mixing the economic crisis, the presidential campaign between Obama and Romney, and the Sandy storm.

With some novels present among the 589 novels of the literary re-entry 2015, you will be able to get a taste of your many readings for this year. Twists and turns, suspense, reality and imagination, there is something for everyone.

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