Little Live Pets Cozy Dozy Cubbles the Bear

To stimulate your child’s development and allow them to grow up in excellent conditions, theinteractive soft toys show great efficiency. They are dancing, talking, luminous and trigger lots of surprises.

On the market, the models are diverse and numerous. The Little Live Pets Cozy Dozy Cubbles the bear is one of the flagship products. It is soft, tickling and has many functions suitable for children’s environment. We tell you more about this teddy bear!

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More information about this product

The Little Live Pets Cozy Dozy Cubbles the bear is an interactive teddy bear dedicated to baby’s development while promoting its ability to accept changes. Indeed, it requires sight, hearing, as well as motor functions.

Thanks to the various functions with which it is equipped, this soft toy talks with the child : she asks for her pacifier to sleep, to place in her mouth, she asks to be rolled up in her magnificent blanket with which it is provided. She responds by blinking or closing her eyes when tickled or petted.

Available in various colors and sizes 26.67 x 26. 67 x 10.16 cm, the interactive bear weighs 421.84 gramss and is recommended for children from 18 months. It is a perfect playmate for your child who will be blown away.

Thanks to its bright and lively appearance, it will not only entertain your baby, but also reassure him. Almost 25 sounds and reactions are integrated into the plush, which allows it to play its imitation function perfectly.

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