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Little Live Pets are interactive toys in various shapes of cute, realistic and cuddly little animals. More than just electronic toys, the quality of their design allows them to find a place in the hearts of children. If your child has been asking you for a little goldfish for a long time, the Seaqueen can represent a perfect alternative.

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Little Live Pets Lil Dippers presents “Seaqueen”. This is’a small interactive toy fish who is able to swim and flutter his superb fins. It allows children who love small fish to have fun as with a real small fish, enough to embark them on a realistic and fun adventure.

By dipping the bag the Seaqueen fish is in into the water, it is possible to see it come to life as the bag fills with water. The Seaqueen moves like a real fish. Seeing him wag his magnificent tail and colorful fins is a fabulous sight. The Seaqueen toy fish features a sparkling personality and rich in color.

By playing with this Lil Dipper, children learn about the responsibilities of pet ownership. Indeed, they will notably have to feed it using a bottle of magic food. Watching the Seaqueen swim towards their meal gives children a sense of responsibility and kindness. This gorgeous little toy fish looks like a queen of the oceans with ever-realistic designs and movements.

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