Lyon: Fewer road deaths

The Rhône recorded a 25% reduction in deaths with 3 deaths instead of 4 in 2011.

The department belies the national results. Even if the number of accidents in July on the roads increased by 3.3%, (188, instead of 182 in 2011), they turned out to be less serious: 25% fewer fatalities (3 deaths instead of 4 in 2011), -36.1% of hospitalizations (39, instead of 61 in 2011). A result which confirms the drop in road fatalities since the start of the year: – 42.5% (23 instead of 40 in 2011) and 17 lives saved.

Every weekend, during this holiday period, sees major crossroads often sources of danger for road users. The Rhône department is not immune to this risk: prudence and controls are the order of the day.

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