Lyon: the bus driver was unaware of the accident

The Lyon bus driver, suspected of being involved in an accident on Saturday where a 19-year-old man on a scooter was killed in Lyon was still in custody on Monday, continuing to deny having any knowledge of the incident. accident which explains why it did not stop.

The accident happened on Saturday, in the city center, along the place Bellecour, in a two-lane street, one of which is reserved for buses. The scooter was on the right track. The young man, who was wearing a helmet, is said to have fallen under the wheels of the bus, an articulated vehicle 18 meters long and weighing about fifteen tons. He died instantly. The elements of the investigation show that the bus did not hit the scooter.

The driver, experienced according to the TCL, explains that he did not notice anything, that no one on the bus said anything. No one asked him to stop. The man repeats that he has nothing to be ashamed of and that he would have stopped if he had realized something.
“The investigation continues” commented the Deputy Public Prosecutor of Lyon Bernard Reynaud, specifying: “We have witnesses to hear”. The people were inside the bus and were identified by investigators. The results of toxicological and alcohol tests are expected within the week. “We will see, when we have all the elements, how the procedure will be oriented” concluded the magistrate.

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