Lyon: the left in good shape for the legislative elections

Sunday will take place the first round of legislative elections. In the Rhône, the left should keep the 2e constituency and could conquer the seat of Michel Havard in the 1time riding.

A survey, carried out by Ipsos for Lyon Tribune, reveals that the left would be able to win in the 1time and 2e constituencies. In the 1time Rhone constituency, bastion of the right since 1988, thethe left would indeed be credited with 53% of voting intentions in the second round, against 47% for the outgoing UMP deputy Michel Havard, elected in 2007 with 51.5% of the vote. But the first round is watched very closely. Indeed, it is in this constituency that there is a palpable tension between the environmentalist candidate invested by the PS, Philippe Meirieu, and the dissident candidate, Thierry Braillard, supported by the mayor of Lyon Gérard Collomb. The study shows that the two men would be elbows with respectively 22% and 20% of the vote. An Opinion Way-Fiducial survey for Lyon Capitalcredits the ecologist with 24% of voting intentions against 21% for Thierry Braillard. As for the outgoing deputy, he would collect 33% of the votes in the first round, according to the first study, when the poll conducted for Lyon Capitale credits him with 30%. If the two lefts shoot each other in the legs, however, they are both in a position to win in the second round. To note that François Hollande obtained 53.9% of the votes in this Lyon constituency during the second round of the presidential election.

In the 2e constituency, delighted the right by the PS in 2007, theoutgoing socialist deputy Pierre-Alain Muet is expected to win by a large margin, with 56% of the vote, against his UMP opponent Emmanuel Hamelin. In the first round, the Socialist collected 34% of voting intentions (27% for Emmanuel Hamelin). The balance of power is however favorable to the left since it is clearly in the majority if we add the votes of the Left Front (10%), EELV (7%) and the extreme left (2%).

Pierre-Alain Muet, hemicycle champion

Three days before the first round of legislative elections, the citizen observatory can prove to be a good tool for those undecided who have not yet made their choice. At least, it makes it possible to know who of the 14 Rhone deputies are the most active in the hemicycle. So, Pierre-Alain Muet, PS deputy leaving the 2e riding wins the award for attendance with 158 weeks of activities and 232 committee presences. UMP side, Michel Terrot, deputy out of the 12e constituency, follows in the footsteps of the socialist with 292 committee presences recorded. At the end of the ranking, we find the socialist Jean-Jack Queyranne (7e constituency) and André Gerin (14e constituency). However, they are not candidates for their own succession.

Among the most invested, Pierre-Alain Muet, figures once again in good place with 1334 interventions, two legislative proposals and ten reports presented. Alain Gerin (PCF), Philippe Cochet (UMP deputy in the 5e constituency) and Bernard Perrut (UMP deputy in the 9e riding) are also hard workers. Jean-Jack Queyranne is one of the least hard-working with only 24 interventions and no reporting. On the other hand, on the left, we sign amendments. André Gerin tops the list with 3,885 signed amendments followed by Pascale Crozon (PS MP in the 6e) and Jean-Jack Queyranne (1140).

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