Lyon: Travel cool and in good shape

Going far implies taking some preliminary health precautions. To fly away with peace of mind, the Travel Medicine consultation and the International Vaccination Center of the Infectious and Tropical Diseases department of the Croix-Rousse hospital are open all summer, with extended consultation periods. .

You are all ready for your exotic and distant summer trip. Suitcase, sunscreen, photo equipment for unforgettable memories… but have you checked your medication kit? A small meeting at the International Vaccination Center of the Infectious and Tropical Diseases department of the Croix Rousse hospital can save you the inconvenience or even real health problems in a distant country.

Little advice on caution :
Professor Christian Chidiac, specialist in infectious and tropical diseases, warns against
information disseminated on the internet. “Only professionals are able to discern
serious and up-to-date information from others, which may endanger
the life of travelers, ”he explains. “Some anti-malaria drugs, for example,
can be dangerous when taken at the same time as other treatments ”. We can
cite certain drugs against high blood pressure or heart failure, epilepsy,
certain antibiotics, etc. In addition, the use of these drugs in the prevention of malaria is not only restricted to certain regions of the world, but the list of countries concerned is updated each year by the World Health Organization. Even if a drug has been prescribed for a previous trip to the same region or another part of the world, a specialist doctor must check that it remains suitable. Self-medication for the prevention of malaria is strongly
not recommended.
Prevention of malaria is not just about taking medication, but
necessarily include measures to control mosquitoes potentially
disease vectors (skin repellents, insecticide-treated mosquito nets): malaria well
sure, but also dengue or chikungunya. These measurements are detailed by the doctor during
of the travel medicine consultation. Based on all this data, travelers are
usefully guided to build their travel medicine kit.

Only authorized vaccination centers can provide the international vaccination schedule and perform certain vaccinations, such as yellow fever, destinations, or meningitis (ACYW135),
compulsory for the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Travel Medicine: an efficient service
In addition to this preventive activity through the consultation of Travel Medicine and the Center
of International Vaccinations, the Croix-Rousse Hospital provides diagnosis and
treatment of infectious and tropical diseases, if necessary on return from travel, by
full hospitalization, week, or day hospital. It also has bedrooms
isolation allowing, if necessary, to prevent the transmission of infectious agents and
environmental contamination.

Consultations at the Croix-Rousse hospital from Monday to Friday in building D.
Information and appointments: 04 72 07 17 51, from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.

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