Majorette Super City Garage Car Garage with Electric Train

Majorette is one of the most famous miniature car manufacturers in the world. With its super city garage game, it offers children a play area of ​​imposing dimensions. Equipped with several accessories, this game convinces parents and children (boys and girls).

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Majorette’s Super City Garage is a 7-storey small car garage. Its first characteristic is its imposing size. Indeed, this garage has a length of 74 cm, a width of 79 cm and a height of 1.27 m. Access to each level is via spiral ramps installed on each side of the toy.

Even more, this garage has a motorized mode that works with batteries. Thanks to the latter, children can move their cars using the elevator. They can thus create a multitude of scenes put into action by the cars.

In addition, there are parking spaces and a service station for refueling in this garage. A helicopter landing strip has even been installed there to meet all the requirements of children.

In this Majorette box, you can find several accessories. There are indeed 6 miniature cars, 1 motorized train that goes around the garage, a fire engine and a police car. By all accounts this play pack is a great gift idea for kids ages 5 and up.

While entertaining them, this game will strengthen their creative spirit. It also allows them to spend unforgettable moments with friends or family.

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