Make crosswords online, what are the best addresses on the internet

The crosswords are one of the most popular puzzle games in the world. They are presented in the form of a grid broken down into boxes to be completed. With the rise of new technologies, it is now possible to play crossword puzzles on the Internet. Whatever digital medium you have, you can benefit from thousands of game grids. Discover the best crossword puzzles online for crossword puzzles of all skill levels.

How to play crosswords on the internet?

Online crossword platforms are easy to access. Once on these sites, the different sections are very explicit. To start the game, all you have to do is access a game grid. The squares of the grid are entered using a single click. The game then gives you the option of writing horizontally or vertically.

For the first option, limit yourself to a single click on the initial letter of the word in question. Click a second time on the same location to play vertically. The currently selected location is highlighted. It is then up to you to enter the correct formulation to validate the answer.

The different sites where you can make crosswords online

On the internet, there are a multitude of platforms to take advantage of crosswords. Because of the exponential supply in question, it is important to choose the sites that you venture on. Here is a selection of the most complete platforms to play crosswords for free:

  • The arrow words of Our Time,
  • The Gator site,
  • and the Tele7jeux platform.

Beyond the many crossword puzzles, the best gaming platforms also introduce related games. From word searches to sudoku to hidden words, you are spoiled for choice.

The arrow words of Our Time

Notre Temps is a monthly magazine well known to cruciverbists. Its online platform offers up to 4 daily play grids. These are grids offered according to the level of difficulty. The latter is categorized as ” strengths »Going from force 1 to force 4.

Depending on your feelings, choose the grid that suits you. The online game respects the same principles as on a physical medium. If you have trouble evolving, just use the option ” Cheat »Available on the page. Therefore, the grid automatically generates a letter to help you.

The site of Our time offers crossword puzzles with themes. Players can also access giant arrow words. Grid printing is also available for die-hards of the physical medium. also offers its crosswords

The arrow words on Tele7jeux obey the same principles as those mentioned above. The game grids are classified by difficulty. You will find 4 levels of games that oscillate between the easy level and the very difficult level.

The nudges from the platform allow you to display a letter or see the entire solution. Printing grids is also a reality. The particularity of this site however lies in the possibility of create an account. As a member, the player can save the progress of his game. He can thus take a break at any time. Moreover, this option allows play with friends for a more interesting emulation.

Crosswords on is a platform dedicated to internet games. Many game grids are available there free. The ergonomics of the site are such that the grids are reminiscent of crosswords. By clicking on the desired location, the grid generates an indication of the search word.

In order to help players, the platform offers game clues. Sometimes you will see your errors highlighted. In addition to the possibility of seeing the whole solution, there is the crossword dictionary. With this asset, it is possible to overcome the most complex crosswords.

What are the benefits of crosswords?

The arrow words have several advantages both in terms of play and health. As a brain activity, they call on the brain to slow cell aging. It is therefore a good prevention against Alzheimer’s disease and memory disorders.

Filling in crossword puzzles requires great acuity. Concentration and reflexes are therefore sharp. The manipulation of the letters then influences the spirit of logic and the development of cognitive faculties. Real personal development tools, crosswords improve vocabulary and general culture.

Reminder of the principle of crosswords

The crossword puzzles are subdivided into different boxes. Some locations are empty. It is therefore up to the player to fill the missing space by following the instructions. Other boxes include definitions beforehand. Using the associated arrows, the player must therefore highlight the words relating to these labels.

The final objective is to fill in all the locations of the grid. Added to this basic principle are additional parameters for online play. Here, the counting of time or the presence of other players adds interest to an already legendary game.

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