Mandatory procedures following the purchase of a Peugeot scooter

When purchasing a scooter, there are a few steps that must be taken before you can drive it. You must have the registration papers, corresponding to the registration document, but you must also insure your scooter. To help you do what is necessary, here are the points that should not be overlooked.

Take care of your scooter registration

Usually, scooter registration requests are made by the Peugeot dealership where you bought your two-wheeler. If the dealer does not make the request, you can do it yourself easily and quickly over the Internet. For some time now, it has not been possible to do these formalities at the prefecture, but you have the possibility of doing it directly online, easily and quickly by providing the necessary supporting documents.

  • proof of identity such as a valid identity card or passport
  • proof of address of less than six months, if you are accommodated free of charge, you will need a proof of accommodation, as well as proof in the name of the person
  • the Cerfa form n ° 13749 * 04. Which is the application form for the registration certificate, the certificate of conformity and the sale of a new vehicle. In this document you must enter the brand, here Peugeot as well as the date of purchase and other personal information.

Once the documents have been completed and the supporting documents provided, all you have to do is pay your gray scooter card and follow the progress of your request. The reception period may take a few weeks, however you will have at your disposal a provisional registration certificate allowing you to drive while waiting to receive your registration card.

Choosing the right insurance for your scooter

Having insurance is also compulsory to be able to ride a two-wheeler. As with insuring a car, you will have different levels of protection for your Peugeot scooter. You will therefore have the choice between,

  • Civil liability also called third party insurance, which is the legal minimum. With this level, only bodily injury or material damage caused by another person during an accident will be covered. But if you are responsible for the accident, you will not be compensated.
  • For better protection, you could add damage coverage to your scooter, which will allow you to cover hardware issues, even if you are at fault. But you also benefit from a theft, fire and bad weather guarantee.
  • Finally, to have full coverage, it is preferable to opt for comprehensive insurance, which will take into account many damages.

If you do not yet have the registration of your scooter, you can provide the insurance with the provisional certificate, which you received when applying for a registration card. However, once it has been received, you must provide it to the insurance company to have a complete file and meet standards.

Once these two documents have been completed, you will be able to drive your Peugeot scooter without any problem, without worrying about being illegal. In addition, if you encounter a problem or suffer an accident, you will be covered, depending on the insurance chosen.

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