Massage Gun Buying Guide – How To Choose It?

Recent revolution in the world of well-being, the massage gun is designed to relieve and relax muscle areas.

On the market, a multitude of models are offered with specific features to each one which can make the choice difficult. However, taking certain criteria into account could help you make a purchase that meets your needs.

Best selection of massage gun

Our advice for choosing your massage gun

It is important to consider the following factors when choosing a massage gun. It will be easier to select the massage gun that will meet your needs.

The power of the material

This is the unit of measurement for the pressure of the massage gun. Power is often expressed in watts or the number of percussions per second. It makes it possible to assess the intensity of the pressure that the device is able to exert on the area to be massaged. It is therefore necessary to take into account the speed levels and direction of rotation offered by a model before choosing it.

The weight of the material

When choosing a massage gun, it is important to opt for a lightweight model so as not to strain your arm during use. This approach avoids causing further muscle pain. The lighter it is, the easier it will be to take on the go.

The ergonomics of the massage gun

The ideal is to opt for a device that is easy to hold and handle. Choose a model that does not require extra effort when in use. The most recommended variants of the massage gun are those with a non-slip handle and an LED screen.

The noise emitted

The most powerful massage guns also offer good sound comfort. It is recommended to choose models like those of Bunn Body whose noise is 45 dB or less.

Now that you know how to choose, you can make your choice on Bunn Body, among the 3 models available and you will be able to buy on this store without asking yourself too many questions.

Buy your massage gun with the largest selection

How to use a massage gun?

Generally speaking, using the massage gun is easy. First, you must turn on the device to trigger the pulsations of the head. Then, it should be gently passed over the area to be massaged without pressing too hard.

It is necessary to linger a little more on the most painful parts by adjusting the intensity of the vibrations. The interchangeable heads that accompany the device allow you to adapt the massage to each part.

Why use such a device?

The massage gun should be used because it has many advantages. It is suitable for the deep relief of muscle pain of all types. It is also ideal for quickly recovering after intense physical activity or a day of work.

For sportsmen and athletes, the massage gun can prepare and stimulate the muscles before, during and after training. It also considerably limits the risk of injuries often caused by insufficient heating. Between two sets of exercises, the massage gun promotes relaxation of the muscles for more performance.

It can be transported anywhere without the risk of being bulky. Finally, it is a complete device suitable for all muscle areas of the body with customizable massage speeds and intensities.

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