Massage Gun: Should You Choose Hypervolt or Theragun?

When it comes time to choose your massage gun, you will see many models, many different brands. It’s no secret that the Hypervolt and Theragun pistols are among the top rated on the market, doing well in this highly competitive industry.

But which one wins the predictions? Based on the massage sensations, power, noise and design, below we offer our comparative study of these premium massage guns.

What are the opinions regarding the massage sensations of these 2 guns?

Massage gun used on a man's back

Perceptions and sensations of massage with Hypervolt and Theragun guns clearly differ depending on the user. But generally, parts like small muscles, hamstrings, quadri, glutes… are effectively affected and can feel the benefits.

Depending on the level of use and following the right steps, the vibrations penetrate deep into the muscles, depending on whether the Theragun or the Hypervolt are used. It therefore becomes difficult to say which of the two has a better opinion on massage sensations, despite a slight difference between the penetration levels (10 mm for the Hypervolt and 16 mm for the Theragun).

Power comparison between Hypervolt and Theragun

The Hypervolt massage gun offers 3 power levels, with 60 W and 3200 percussions per minute. The Theragun pistol guarantees 2 power levels, with 2400 percussions per minute and a downforce of 27 kg.

The Hypervolt pistol therefore appears to be the more powerful pistol of the two competing models. Keep in mind that no matter which model you use there are certain things you should not do with your massage gun.

Sound comparison between the 2 massage guns

Happy woman using massage gun

One of the most striking differences between the Hypervolt and Theragun guns is the noise.

The Theragun massage gun produces a deafening noise during use, which makes it unsuitable for certain settings and at certain times. It is difficult under these conditions to use it indoors, at home (if you are squatting in an apartment) and even in places where silence and discretion reign.

On the other hand, the Hypervolt massage gun is virtually silent. What makes it the ideal device for a serene use in common places. Even when applying a high setting for the Hypervolts, the noise is still lower than that of the Theragun.

Design comparison between the 2 models

Regarding the design, the ergonomics of the Theragun seem more suitable and more natural. The feeling in the hand is very pleasant. It has extremely well thought-out angles, which provide flexibility and comfort when handling.

The Hypervolt pistol on the other hand has a very wide handle, which makes it less practical. Its ignition model seems less intuitive than the Theragun, sometimes you have to do it with two hands. Comfort takes a direct hit.

On the other hand, the Theragun is delivered with a case for its transport, unlike the Hypervolt which offers it more as an option.

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