Massage Gun: Sporting Combination, But Not Only!

A sporty ally for athletes in search of performance, the massage gun is also and above all a perfect ally of well-being to adopt. A contribution that is best perceived through the well-being massage, whose positive effects are remarkable both in terms of the treatment of muscle pain as that of relaxation, reduction of stress and improvement of sleep. Focus on this other asset so much appreciated by followers of self-massage and percussion therapy.

Well-being massage: another contribution of the massage gun

Massage gun used on the neck

The wellness massage is one of the most appreciated benefits offered by the percussion massage gun. Performed properly, it provides a feeling of well-being conducive to the health of body and mind.

By stimulating the muscles to warm them up, regenerate them or relax them, self-massage helps to release muscle tension and contractures, but above all to regulate blood circulation and effectively relieve stress.

Gentle use for a real moment of relaxation

Bottle of oil on rose petals

By its operation, the massage gun is an accessory capable of simulating the therapeutic massage performed by a professional and therefore of making you benefit from all the benefits it provides, in particular its relaxing and relaxing effect.

The device gently and deeply stimulates the muscles to loosen them, release accumulated tensions, reduce stiffness and heaviness targeting various parts of the body. Depending on the settings of the percussion speed, it helps relieve muscle pain and chronic pain to leave room for a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Its use is above all very simple, effortless and in a few minutes, by following a few good steps. This finally allows you to enjoy a moment of relaxation from the comfort of your home.

The right tips for a well-being massage

massage gun ball tip

The tip is one of the key features of the massage gun. There are different types and shapes of tips: conical, bullet, ball, fork or flat head … Interchangeable, they are generally offered by many brands such as Theragun or Hypervolt or purchased separately.

Note, however, that these different tips do not have the same effectiveness, each variant being designed to access specific areas of the body or to stimulate a specific muscle group. Knowing what not to do with the massage gun is important for proper use.

Depending on whether the massage is administered for sport recovery or well-being purposes, it is therefore important to use a tip well suited to the nature of the muscles located in the targeted body area for better results. The Ball tip will be perfect for relaxing the trapezius and neck muscles for example. While a flat head hitting at low speed will better relieve tension on the abdominals.

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