Milford-Sound, New Zealand’s must-see fjord!

It is well known that New Zealand has fantastic landscapes. Huge forests, paradisiacal beaches, lunar and volcanic landscapes and of course these movie sets have made the reputation of the country. Few people know it but one of the most spectacular landscapes in the country is none other than a fjord!

When we say fjord, it is true that we first think of Norway, yet New Zealand does indeed have one of the most beautiful fjords in the world: Milford Sound.

Located in Fiordland National Park, in the south of the South Island and accessible via a single road, Milford Sound is a must for any trip to New Zealand.

Some information about Milford Sound

Milford Sound is therefore a fjord, one of the most impressive in the country. It is its surprising dimensions that have made its reputation. There you will find peaks reaching more than 1600 meters high literally throwing themselves into the sea to wait for more than 400 meters deep.

Milford Sound is accessible via a single road: the Milford Road. This road starts from Te Anau, the last town and connects the fjord by crossing mountains offering simply breathtaking landscapes. This route of about 120 km will give you a taste of what to expect when you discover the fjord. Many photo stops are to be expected, anticipate them on your cruise!

Milford Sound is a very small village with very little housing. It will nevertheless be possible to reserve a lodge or a place in the only hostel in the place. A reservation several days in advance is imperative.

There are, however, plenty of campsites where you can pitch your tent all along Milford Road.

How to visit Milford Sound?

Boat trip

The boat trip is by far the most common way to experience Milford Sound. Countless companies offer cruises in the middle of the fjord, with all their particularities. Some will offer you to embark on small boats, others much larger boats with the possibility of having your meal on board.

In any case, the cruise in the middle of Milford Sound will last between 1h30 and 2h.

It will take you to discover the essential places of the fjord which we will talk about below.

You will also have the chance to discover the exceptional marine fauna of the fjord with the presence of seals, dolphins and, if you are lucky, penguins.

The prices of the cruises are reasonable, around 30 to 50 €. Remember to book your cruise a few days in advance, especially in high season.

Flight over Milford Sound

Another way to discover these incredible landscapes, but also the most expensive, to contemplate them from the sky.

Indeed, several companies offer flights over the area, by plane or helicopter, departing from Queenstown or Glenorchy. It is even possible to couple the flight with a cruise.

Prepare to take your breath away as you contemplate these incredible landscapes from the sky.

Kayak trip in Milford Sound

Do you want to enjoy an unforgettable kayaking trip on beautiful Milford Sound? We explain everything you need to know to embark on the adventure!

First of all, know that this activity is reserved for people aged between 14 and 16 (depending on the company).

As a first step, it is advisable to come dressed in your swimsuit or an appropriate outfit under your clothes, in order to facilitate the change before the boat.

You will then be entitled to a kit providing all the necessary equipment for your outing: a thermal top, a life jacket, a wetsuit of leggings for water, as well as a waterproof bag for your smartphone or camera, in order to make this memorable moment! Before you leave, you will be given a few safety instructions to ensure that your visit to Milford Sound goes smoothly.

The visit will be ensured by an experienced guide who will introduce you to places with a rich natural heritage, better than anyone! You will be part of a group of no more than 8 passengers (4 kayaks) on the excursion, which you will follow aboard a quality sea kayak for two people (with a friend or new acquaintance).

Remember to bring lunch, a towel, a bottle of water, warm socks and toilet paper with you!

As for reservations and company, you will be able to book online several days in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Among the main companies offering Kayak tours are: Go Orange Kayaks, Rosco’s Milford Kayak, Real Journey’s or even Southern Discoveries.

The unmissable places of the fjord

The content of excursions and activities may vary, cruises, kayaking, overflights, but you will see the same landscapes!

You will depart from your base at the Deep Water Basin in Milford Sound. You will first head to Sinbad Gully and the majestic Miter Peak. You will then make a stop at Harrison Cove. After that, you will head back to Cascade Range and Bowen Falls to complete your trip in style.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent horizons offered by this unmissable place of New Zealand. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most visited places on the island!

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