Mizuno and Asics volleyball shoes – the best for volleyball

Do you know what is best in volleyball when it comes to the shoes to put on for a successful match? Well, among the various recommended shoe brands, Asics and Mizuno have literally won over their buyers and leave no one indifferent.

These footwear brands recommended by volleyball experts meet a number of criteria that guide every volleyball lover in search of comfort. We present in what follows all the criteria that will help you make a good choice, as well as these 2 brands of volleyball shoes that have become so popular!

How to choose the right volleyball shoes?

Choosing your volleyball shoes shouldn’t be taken lightly! First of all, you need to consider the size and shape of your feet, so that the pair of shoes fits your feet and ankle properly. This will guarantee you optimal comfort and good stability during jumps, different jumps and movements.

You must also take into account the material of manufacture and the quality of the sole. Indeed, the sole of the shoe must be able to adhere to the ground to avoid uncontrolled slippage on the ground of the often very smooth ground! It should be flat, without a spike to cushion your landings and propel you up.

In addition, you must pay attention to the weight and ergonomics of the shoe. The latter must be light enough to facilitate your movements and also allow you to sweat easily, to avoid storing bad smells. Finally, you must also take a look at the design and not neglect the aesthetic aspect, to have a beautiful pair of shoes on your feet.

The 2 basketball brands to choose for volleyball

For both amateurs and professional players of this discipline, there are 2 basketball brands on the market with all of the above qualities with additional touches for more comfort.

Asics volleyball shoes

Asics is a big Japanese brand that does a lot more in sports equipment such as high performance shoes and sportswear. The peculiarity of the pairs of Asics shoes is that they have a sole containing betagel, a silicone-based gel whose role is to dampen the shock wave generated by the impact of the foot on the ground during movements.

In the area of ​​volleyball shoes, Asics offers a diverse range of sneakers here and offers good value for money. It should be noted that these shoes are designed for indoor use and, whatever your position in a volleyball match, you will find the pair of shoe that suits you perfectly!

Mizuno volleyball shoes

Mizuno is also a famous Japanese shoe brand which only offers sportswear, shoes and other articles dedicated to judo, golf, football, running, volleyball etc … The primary concern of the brand is to provide products quality, manufactured with the latest technology for better performance.

Mizuno offers a varied range of volleyball sneakers, all with characteristics as important as each other, and available for all types of feet, men, women and children. Indeed, the pairs of Mizuno volleyball shoes have a sober look, and are equipped with increasingly advanced technology for more comfort and support. These sneakers are very durable, lightweight, and value for money.

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