Mobile home: how to insure it properly?

In France, the number of mobile homes is estimated at around 300,000. This figure shows the interest shown in this type of vehicle. However, to take full advantage of it, it is a good idea to insure it beforehand. To do this, it is necessary to choose a suitable insurance. In this guide we will show you what to do to properly insure your mobile home.

Understanding mobile home insurance

Insurance companies consider the mobile home to be a “habitable land vehicle intended for temporary or seasonal occupation for leisure use”. So, he enjoys a unique status from these establishments. This status means that the mobile home presents specific risks requiring specific guarantees.

To benefit from these guarantees, the mobile home must keep the wheels and the drawbar allowing it to be moved immediately by traction. It is partly on the basis of this theoretical mobility which is incompatible with a concrete construction that mobile home insurance is defined.

Use an online comparator

To properly insure your mobile home, it is advisable to use an online comparator. This is a tool that will allow you to discover the best offer on the market in terms of mobile home insurance. However, according to this site, the cost of mobile home insurance depends on several factors. Among these, there is first the value of the mobile home. The more expensive it is, the higher the price of the insurance will be.

Then there is the age of the vehicle. Recent mobile homes, due to the fact that they embed the latest generation technologies, tend to have expensive insurance. So options and features also influence the cost of insurance. The same is true for the goods contained in the mobile home.

Finally, the cost of mobile home insurance will depend on the insurer, the type of contract and the guarantees offered. Using an online comparator will allow you toopt for the cheapest offer and thus save money.

Mobile home insurance: consider the guarantees offered

In addition to using an online comparator, you will properly insure your mobile home by considering the risks that can be guaranteed by the insurance contracts that will be offered to you. These guarantees take into account the particularities of the mobile home while integrating guarantees similar to those of multi-risk residential (MRH).

Thus among the risks that can be guaranteed by a mobile home insurance contract, there are theft, fire and glass breakage. Insurance also helps cover vandalism, water damage, natural and technological disasters as well as weather events.

Finally, note that to insure your mobile home properly you need to use an online comparator. The latter will be useful and practical for you to find the most accessible insurance offer. As a result, you will be able to achieve significant savings.

Apart from using an online comparator, you must also take into account the guarantees offered by the contract when choosing your mobile home insurance. The more guarantees the insurance contract will offer, the better your vehicle will be insured. Now you just need to put these tips into practice to properly insure your mobile home.

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