Mobile interactive projectors – An asset for sales representatives

Video projectors hold an important place in companies, it is ideal for making presentations to different customers. Sales representatives also need to make many presentations while traveling, the possibility of an interactive mobile projector is a real asset.

The advantages of a mobile interactive video projector for a salesperson

As the device is mobile, it is possible to carry it with you all the time, for meetings outside or even for client presentations. All you have to do is use the bag or case provided for this purpose to store the video projector and all the elements that are essential to it, such as connections.

This is very useful if no meeting room is available, or if the client does not have any means of projection. You just need to quickly install the VPI, connect it to the Internet and your computer. To make it easier to install the video projector, choose an interactive case that is pre-wired, you just have to connect the whole thing.

Another advantage is that you do not necessarily have an interactive whiteboard. This type of video projector makes each surface tactile, on the part where it diffuses. Thus, a simple white wall can become a real interactive whiteboard.

What is the use of an interactive video projector?

Unlike conventional video projectors that can be found in many meeting rooms or classrooms, interactivity is a great innovation and could boost efficiency. Indeed, a video projector projects the visual of your computer like the classic, with the difference that it is possible to interact directly on the projection surface in a tactile manner.

The various presentations will be more lively, the other members of the meeting will be much more involved. They can also be done remotely. You will be able to make changes directly on the projection surface, brainstorm, create, modify, delete, live on the screen, without having to turn around on your computer.

Using a IPV without a computer

It is also quite possible to opt for a mobile interactive video projector, which can operate independently, without a computer. This type of VPI works on Android, it has a hard drive directly integrated into its system, on which you can add the software necessary for its use.

The budget for a mobile interactive video projector

It takes between € 1,800 and € 2,900 for a mobile VPI, it’s a certain budget, but it’s a complete package. Indeed, in addition to the video projector, you will have a PC, the storage accessory, but also the mobile interactive whiteboard system which makes all surfaces tactile.

If you do not want to use a VPI with a computer, it will take around 500 € more for the Android box. The video projector alone is around € 1,000. So it will depend on your needs. But as a sales representative, it is rather convenient to go for an all-inclusive package and have all the necessary equipment.

The mobile interactive video projector is therefore an ally for sales representatives. Their customers will be happy to be able to follow the presentations on a large area, rather than having to do it on a sheet or on a computer. The ease of transport and installation of this material makes it all the more appreciable.

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