Model making – How to choose your airplane model as a beginner?

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Very appreciated by manual people but also history buffs, the airplane model has many followers. It is not always easy to choose from the many models available To guide you, here are some key tips for buying the mockup that is right for you.

Rather plastic or wood for the model?

The material will not necessarily affect the choice of the model, because it depends mainly on the era that the model must represent. For old post-war planes, you will mainly find wooden models. While for modern airplanes it will be plastic that will be favored.

It is easier today to find plastic models, which represent either airliners or military planes. The end result is quite accurate when choosing a metal finish paint.

There are also still a few models made of metal, they are very popular with model enthusiasts but are more difficult for beginners to make.

Take into account the number of parts and the size of the model

For the number of parts, your best bet is to turn to models of 70 parts or more for those looking for a very detailed model. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with airplane model kits.

Be aware that the models are made on a classic size scale, so if you choose a 1/72 modelth, and that the normal plane is 10 meters, then the model will be 14 centimeters. The higher the scale, the smaller the aircraft will be.

Which model to choose for a child?

Sopwith Camel plane model kit

For children, there are models specially designed for them, with simpler construction elements. They are often in the form of a kit, in which you have the elements of the model, the paint as well as the brushes.

Take for example the models from the ModelSpace site, currently there are two:

  • The Sopwith Camel aircraft, which is a combat aircraft used by the British during the 1time world War. The elements of the model are made of wood, you will have paint, sandpaper, stickers and a DVD to help your child assemble his model by himself.
  • The aircraft Fokker Dr., The Red Baron is a fighter plane, which was used by the Germans during the 1time world War. This plane became famous thanks to Manfred von Richthofen, who was named the “red baron”, for having won 19 fights with this plane.

They are both airplanes, which have everything necessary for the child to easily build his model step by step.

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