Monsieur Cuisine Connect by SilverCrest – To cook with ease – Review & Test

Looking for a quality food processor that is versatile, intelligent, and above all easy to use? The Monsieur Cuisine Connect by SilverCrest is the perfect model for what you are looking for. Below is our review of the SilverCrest robot and all the good reasons to buy it.

Presentation video with Reviews and Video Test of the SilverCrest Food Processor

Where to buy your Monsieur Cuisine SilverCrest?

More information on the SilverCrest food processor

Monsieur Cuisine Connect is a versatile food processor that will provide you with all the help you need in the kitchen. No need to buy tons of separate devices, this multifunction robot will be used for cooking, roasting, steaming, blending, grinding, preparing your soups, …

In addition, its use is very simple, the settings are easy and precise, the operation is automated and the handling is very practical from the 7-inch Cooking-Pilot touch screen integrated into the robot.

With an adjustable cooking temperature between 37 to 130 ° C and an integrated scale, the SilverCrest comes with a removable 3 liter stainless steel bowl and many other accessories. Finally, it is powered by an electrical outlet, with power adjustable to 1200, 1000, or 800 Watts and a rotation speed ranging from 120 to 5200 revolutions / min, depending on the type of cooking.

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