Morning rituals to be effective all day long

Waking up is not always easy, it is often even difficult to get up on the right foot. And yet it is not enough to be early in the morning to be in good shape. With a few rituals, which will become habits, you will be able to be effective throughout the day and be in a good mood as soon as the alarm rings.

A large glass of lemon water to wake up your body

Drinking a large lemon worm of hot water when you wake up is a good way to wake up your body. The lemon will anticipate and prepare the digestive system for the meals of the day. During your night you will not have drunk or little, this for about 8 hours, so it is essential to rehydrate in the morning.

Advance your alarm clock to allow yourself time to wake up well

To have the time you need for this new morning routine, you have to get up slightly earlier than usual. For people who prefer to do things in the evening and tend to go to bed late, this will have to be changed as well. Put off your evening activities for the morning.

In order not to be in a rush in the morning, to have time to do everything, it is advisable to get up 2 hours before leaving for work.

The morning stretch, a healthy body for the day

It’s not about doing an invigorating workout, but rather a gentle workout, which will allow your muscles to wake up quietly and be ready to attack the day. Once you get into this stretching habit, you can push the exercises a bit more towards yoga sessions.

A little time to meditate

It’s time to sit down for a few moments and clear your mind. You just need to get comfortable, turn on some background music and listen to it silently without thinking of anything. To help you, there are many very effective mobile applications, such as Petit Bambou or Mindful Attitude, which are both French applications.

A smile doesn’t cost anything

Look at yourself in the mirror and smile, it costs nothing and instantly boosts. Your self-esteem will be bloated for the day. You don’t have to force yourself, but the previous techniques will make you happy, so there will be no reason not to smile to yourself.

Plan 3 important tasks

Continually setting and achieving goals is good for morale. You certainly have many tasks that come up frequently and yet you often forget them. Note them and do them during the day. You will be proud to have succeeded and little by little you will increase the difficulty. You will see in the evening when you go to bed you will be happy to have been able to do his 3 tasks.

These are simple actions, with a good rhythm and by persisting, they will become habits and you will not even realize that you are doing them. Allow your body but also your mind to be ready for the day. The days will seem easier to you, will pass better and you will not feel the same tiredness.

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