Motorhome – Is it Better to Rent or Buy?

Go on vacation aboard a camping car can be a very rewarding and adventurous experience. Many people choose this means of transport for their holidays to be free and be able to go wherever they want. However, the cost of a motorhome is not always cheap. Many wonder what would be best between buying and renting a motorhome.

When is it more profitable to buy rather than rent a motorhome?

Motorhome set up on land

In general, motorhomes are relatively expensive and this holds back many people who would like to own one. The latter then decide to rent it, the time of their vacation. However, you should know that at times it is okay more profitable to buy a motorhome than to rent it, if the use is no longer occasional, but quite usual.

In fact, you will gain a lot by buying your motorhome at low season. At this time, there are a lot of vehicle offers, so you can find motorhomes at very affordable prices.

How to finance the purchase of this motorhome?

Camper van parked in a parking lot

If you decide to choose the option of purchasing a motorhome, there are many ways to finance the purchase of your motorhome. In order not to run into a money problem and not use up all your savings.

Affected credit

It is a type of credit that does not require you to make an initial deposit. Usually the first due date affected credit is postponed to the second month. Moreover, you decide how long it lasts. Note that this can be between 12 and 180 months.

Rental with option to purchase

This type of financing gives you the possibility to rent the motorhome, but also to hold a Purchase option. You just need to pay a fixed monthly payment which will give you the right to dispose of the motorhome as you wish.

The personal loan

You have the possibility of financing the purchase of your motorhome by subscribing to a Personal loan. Banks and other financial organizations offer fixed rates and a more or less short repayment period.

The loan between individuals and the Specialized Leisure Vehicles credits also allow you to finance your motorhome. To choose the solution that best suits you according to your profile, simulate your loan directly on Sofinco. This way, you can be sure that you have all the information you need to choose the best option.

Rental also has certain advantages

Campsite with vans and camper van parked towards sunset

If you don’t buy a motorhome, you can just as well rent it. Moreover, this option has some advantages. Already, even if you have to buy a motorhome, it is better to rent it first. So you can test it and see everything how it works. This will let you know if this motorhome is really right for you or if you need to see a different one.

The rental also saves you from having to take care of the regular maintenance of the motorhome. You also have less procedures administrative to perform. In short, it is quite possible to buy a motorhome without having to spend a fortune. However, the rental may cost cheaper.

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