Moulinex YY2942FB – Cookeo Intelligent Multicooker – Review & Test

Cook good meals without wasting time with this Moulinex multicooker. You will appreciate the simplicity of the appliance, and the manual cooking aspect that is still present. Exceptional preparation and cooking quality with this multifunction robot cooker. Cooking without altering the taste of products with Cookeo.

Presentation video with Review and Test of the Moulinex Cookeo

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With this robot, enjoy 7 cooking modes:

  • pressure cooking,
  • steam, browning,
  • gentle cooking,
  • simmering,
  • reheating
  • keep warm

The use is simple, you just have to choose one of the 4 programs available in the menu. With this Cookeo 6 liters you can prepare meals when you are alone, but also with your family, the capacity up to 6 people. Thanks to the “My Cookeo” application you will be able to enjoy more than 500 recipes, there are also many sites where people put their own recipes.

In addition to its ease of use, its maintenance is also very practical, the bowl and the inner lid are easily dishwasher-safe. Which will save you time. It is therefore an ideal ally in the kitchen, you save time, your dishes will never be missed and you can prepare a meal from A to Z for you and for your whole family.

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