Moving to Thailand: Investing in an apartment or a house?

Have you decided to settle in Thailand but still hesitate between buying a house or an apartment? It is important to consider where you want to live in order to choose the accommodation that best suits your lifestyle and market opportunities. A house is synonymous with space with a garden and a swimming pool, but to get around a car is essential. The apartment will allow you to live close to transport, shops and the center, but will offer you less space. Which of these accommodations is to be preferred according to the different destinations?

Preferred apartments in major Thai cities

Bangkok is one of the biggest poles of activity in Southeast Asia. If you want to live in the Thai capital, you will have to expect a very dynamic city. Here you will find a real estate market that is completely different from the rest of the country, and the accommodation available close to the center, shops and transport is mainly Condominium apartments.

A villa in the capital will be very difficult to acquire with prices easily exceeding one million euros for a luxury residence in the center. You may find a few Town Houses, however these will require a lot of renovations to be up to Western standards… unless you find a rare gem already renovated and at a reasonable price.

If you agree to move away from the center, you will find townhouses or subdivisions on the outskirts of Bangkok, but these are several kilometers from transport, making access to the center difficult due to traffic jams.

This is why, if you want to expatriate to Bangkok, it is easier for a foreigner to opt for an apartment, closer to the activities. You can enjoy secure condominiums with swimming pool, gym and other services at very reasonable prices while maintaining proximity to the center.

Apartments or houses in seaside resorts

Do you like the sun and the sea? The seaside resorts by the sea are to be privileged. However, it is important to take into account the real estate market in order to make the best choice, whether it is to determine where you want to live or for the type of accommodation: each seaside resort has its own market. , with advantages and disadvantages.

Hua Hin real estate offers very affordable homes starting at € 120,000 for a villa with swimming pool 10 minutes drive from the center. So, when it comes to villas, the Royal Beach Resort is among the cheapest in Thailand. There are many housing estates around Hua Hin, specially designed for the tastes of Western foreigners, which offer shuttle and maintenance services. As for the apartments, these are closer to the center but also less suited to the expectations of Westerners looking for space: designed for Thai customers and with low ceilings, the balconies and kitchens are smaller than European standards and the price per m² is higher.

Tourist attractiveness, where to invest?

If you want to invest on the island of Phuket, the situation is different… an apartment will be preferable. Indeed, the strong tourist attraction of the island pushes the promoters to design accommodation adapted to a very Western clientele, and the apartments are equipped with balconies with sea view and equipment to European standards. The quality-price ratio is better than for a villa, these being impacted by the land pressure exerted in Phuket. You will be able to live in a beautiful apartment for less than 200,000 €.

If you have a bigger budget and want to invest in a house, it may be worth looking at the villas on Koh Samui. Paradise island between sea and mountains, you will find many luxury accommodation, inland or near the beach, for expatriation, vacation or retirement. The island has an international airport and enjoys a good level of development. Quieter than Phuket, Koh Samui is less populated and is the perfect destination to live in a spacious villa with garden and private pool.

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