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Presented for the first time by Bartolomeo Cristofori, in 1709, the piano marked history thanks to virtuosos like Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Schubert. No offense to our contemporaries, such as Ketil Bjornstad, who skilfully combines classical and jazz influences. For his part, Lang Lang joined the Beijing Conservatory from the age of 9. This accomplished pianist can be proud of his international career; he notably played alongside the musicians of the group Metallica, during the 56e Grammy ceremony. To compose and train in the best conditions, many of these modern artists are now relying on the functionality of the digital piano.

Acoustic, electric or digital piano: which one to choose?

To work on your scales and your fingering, it is better to have a piano at home. If the acoustic piano has retained its elegance of yesteryear, it is preferable to bet on instruments that incorporate the latest technologies. You still have to choose between an electric keyboard and a digital piano. The latter is particularly popular for his sounds and samples. It presents numerous advantages such as a minimum of bulk, great mobility, foolproof robustness.

Add exceptional sounds and a sequencer that is essential for recording and making arrangements. The integrated electronic metronome will be of great help to you. With a digital keyboard, the possibilities are endless: transposing songs, reading scores via a dedicated interface, etc.

Learn to play the digital piano: practical tips

If you dream of becoming a piano virtuoso, you will have to roll up your sleeves. Start by equipping yourself with a good digital piano (preferably). To facilitate your search, trust the platforms dedicated to these pianos like This site offers pianos, keyboards and a whole range of musical instruments. Then start the learning whose the first step will be to learn music theory at a music school or with a private teacher. You will then be able to read a sheet of music.

The next step will be to get used to the sounds and distinguish them. If you want to evolve, consider playing the music of your favorite songs heard on the radio. There is nothing better to develop your talent. The trick is very simple, because all you need to do is listen to a song, have fun looking for the notes on the keyboard and playing in time. You can also learn to play the digital piano by viewing a sheet music. It is a fairly “old school” method, but particularly effective. To find the best sheet music, go to a music store or opt for the virtual partitions that you will find on specialized sites.

Who knows ? Perhaps after several learning sessions, you will be able to compose your own songs, with good inspiration. In any case, practicing the piano is very addicting and you will not be able to do without it. In order not to disturb your neighbors, remember to turn down the sound and you can play the piano anytime, day or night.

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