My First Steps in Batch Cooking – Review & Test

Finding the best cooking recipe to delight family and friends is not always easy. Aware of this, several proven blues have published cookbooks intended to make your life easier. This is the case with the book My first steps in Batch Cooking by Keda Black. Check out this book and some reviews and tests in this article.

Video Review and Test of My First Steps in Batch Cooking

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Product Description

The cookbook My first steps in Batch Cooking was published on September 5, 2018. It weighs 940 g and has 224 pages. It is edited in French by the Marabout publishing house.

We find the menus of the week. You have about twelve menus for each time of the year.

Why this cookbook?

This book is designed to help its users to prepare the week’s dinners already in the weekend. The recipes in the book make it possible to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen.

You will find original recipes there.

Who is this book addressed to ?

This book is intended for those who:

  • Wish to spend less time in the kitchen
  • Want to innovate in the preparation of meals
  • Want to eat 100% homemade meals during the week

This document is one of the best books sold on Amazon.

Product review and test

The majority of opinions collected on the book indicate the benefits it brings in the daily life of households. It has reduced the time usually spent in the kitchen. It has improved revenues.

One user reported that the book is very well illustrated and well detailed.

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