MyPixid – The Application that Facilitates the Search for Interim

In France, the majority of employment contracts are CDD : only one in 10 contracts is a CDI. Almost all companies, VSEs and SMEs prefer to use this type of contract for their employees. Etienne Collela, a man of great ambition, created in 2004 with a team one revolutionary app in order to facilitate the creation and signing of fixed-term contracts. The latter called myPixid uses the best technologies.

What is myPixid?

MyPixid is the digital platform leader in the dematerialization of employment contracts in France. It is designed to regularly manage the needs of flexible workforce. It is an application free which manages employment contracts, time sheets and pay slips according to the constraints of the laws in force. It is the ideal solution to manage in a digital, efficient and secure your professional life. Accessible at any time, it is easy to use and offers the best services to both businesses and individuals.

MyPixid Video Presentation

How does the myPixid app work?

When a company is looking for a temporary worker, it contacts a Acting Agency and fill a form for this purpose. Then the application exports contracts of temporary work from the company’s business software and edit the pay sheets. The business software must be configured in order to perfectly adapt to myPixid. The application mainly has 2 functions.

1. For temporary workers

It allows to receive, electronically sign and secure their employment contracts without moving. It allows temporary workers to store in their smartphones their contracts, their working hours statements and their pay slips.

2. For businesses

The application allows sign electronically and of Download contracts for the provision of temporary workers. It is perfect for accessing their time records. This software allows to receive and of to consult invoices issued by companies that hire and make temporary workers available to them.

For registration on the website, the temping agency supports employees in creating their accounts. With the email and phone number, she configure access to the myPixid website which sends a confirmation email to the interim. Once the confirmation email has been received, the temporary activate his account.

Then he fill in the fields with his email address and the temporary password (sent in the confirmation email). After pressing “Go”, reading and accepting the general conditions of use of myPixid, he defines a New Password and enter the activation code received by SMS. The temporary worker is now registered.

What are the advantages of this application?

The app is the best solution of management and of recruitment with a much lighter version. It is more suitable for large companies. The best advantage of this software is the speed and the flexibility that it allows. The legal aspect is more simplified and the procedures are facilitated.

Now, companies and temporary workers can sign the contract in due form anywhere, without rigorous delay must be observed. This allows you to always be on time: no need to go through the post or agencies. The other strong point of the device is the archiving function.

The application takes care of store documents important by dedicating space to companies and temporary workers. This approach allows companies to free up a lot of space in their premises. Finally, thecost saving is effective. This is a considerable reduction in travel costs to get to the post office, to the agency, to the company or for the costs of archiving and sending files.

Some key figures to understand myPixid

With an estimated cost of nearly 98 cents per contract, the myPixid application is widely accessible to everyone. Since its release in beta, myPixid has presented a glowing record:

  • More than 1000 downloads
  • 4.5 / 5 in note
  • Recommended by over 95% users
  • 70% of users connect to it at least once a week

Moreover, the myPixid mobile application can be downloaded from Google play or Apple Store. You can log in with your credentials after installing it on your smartphone.

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