MyTansgenderDate Review – The Transgender Dating Site!

Finding a serious transgender dating site is often very difficult. Apart from the rarity of these sites, it is not uncommon to come across sites with fake profiles. If you are looking for reliable and secure transgender dating sites, MyTransgenderDate is one of the best platforms to find a cisgender partner for life. Focus on this site which can be a paradise for those who want to meet a transsexual person.

MyTansgenderDate the reference to start a romantic relationship

Over time, the MyTransgenderDate site has become the benchmark platform for starting a romantic relationship. Indeed, most of the rare sites for transgender people do not benefit from the notoriety of this site. MyTransgenderDate is ranked number 1 in this type of meeting because it only allows serious meetings. It was designed by transgender people in order to facilitate meetings between members of their community. In addition, MyTransgenderDate has all the features that secure and protect people who want to build their married life. Thanks to this site, transgender people will no longer be marginalized. In addition, they will be able to form serious relationships more freely with people who are genuinely interested.

What sets it apart: Building lasting relationships

The main goal of MyTransgenderDate is to connect men who want a serious relationship with a transexual in complete confidence. Likewise, it wants to be a privileged place where transgender people can build lasting relationships at the end of their meeting. So whether you are a man interested in transgender women or vice versa, you will be able to find the perfect and legitimate partner for a two-person life.

Take the opportunity to meet a transgender woman

If you are a man and you are attracted to trans women, MyTransgenderDate gives you the opportunity to meet the woman of your dreams. Thanks to this site, you will meet people to have real relationships. This platform ensures mutual respect between registered members through its confidentiality policy. Flirtations and other platonic relationships without a future are not allowed on this site.

Presentation of the dating site:

My transgender Date the homepage of the dating site

My Transgender Date makes a point of honor on the accessibility of the site on all your connected devices. The platform will offer the same user experience and the same browsing comfort on a tablet, phone or computer. So you just have to go to one of the search engines including Chrome, Edge, etc.

The application interface

The MyTransgenderDate home page is very intuitive. On the interface, the site has just the necessary tabs for easy use. Thus, you will find functions such as ” my profile “, “Online” and ” Research “. The My Profile tab allows you to access your personal information and modify it as needed. Online allows you to view the members of the site who are connected at the time of your visit.

As for the “Search” function, it allows you to carry out searches according to your preferences or your country of residence. You can make use of filters such as age, city, height or status for a more specific search. In addition, you can access your messages, your list of favorites or adjust your account easily on this site via visible and accessible functions on the right. It is also possible to find out who visited your profile quickly on the interface.

Member profile

Members of the transgender dating site MyTransgenderDate can easily view the profiles of other registrants. Indeed, it does not differ from a dating site classic. You will therefore be able to read the presentation of the site and consult the profiles of other transsexual people.

MyTransexualDate profile

There will be their photos and all the necessary information to know about their Age, status, etc. You will also have in the section ” about »A detailed description of what your selected members are looking for. Other sections like ” Pictures ” to access the posted photo album and “Description” to express themselves by revealing their expectations are also available. Is it free or not?

Registration on the MyTransgenderDate site is free and completely free. This allows transgender women around the world to join a large community of transgender people. However, it is necessary to take out a subscription to benefit from all of its features. You will have the choice between Standard and Premium.

The standard member status allows you to create your profile, upload a limit of photos, but also to consult profiles of transsexuals. As for the premium status, it allows you to be a permanent member of this site and thus benefit from certain advantages. You will then be able to exchange messages, have your featured photo appear and download an unlimited number of photos.

Premium subscription prices

My transgender Date the price of the subscription

To become premium of this site, various subscription formulas are proposed. There are 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions. Their rates are decreasing taking into account the number of months to subscribe. You will therefore have to pay a price of € 24.90 for 1 month while a 12-month subscription costs € 9.50. Note, however, that subscriptions must be made in one payment. Also, the payment conditions are easy and secure and are made by PayPal, credit card or crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

Which subscription to choose?

My transgender Date member difference or free

To make the most of this site, you are advised to subscribe to this site for 3 months at the price of € 18.90. Indeed, it would be more interesting to take your time to get to know the site before using it to engage in a meeting. In addition, this subscription will allow you not to throw yourself into a fleeting relationship. So you will have time to chat with your match and get to know better before deciding what you want.

How does registration on the site work?

The registration procedures on MyTransgenderDate are easy when you have an account Facebook. Just log in with your Facebook account and create your profile. Otherwise, you can register by entering your personal information and your email address in the form available for this purpose. However, it should be noted that registration is reserved only for adults.

Make your profile on the site things to know and do well

When creating your profile, know that it is important that it is well completed. Indeed, when the profile is well informed, you will have more chances to attract the visit of many members. Stay sincere and natural so that your profile is more attractive. In the description section, you can (if you wish) write a word about yourself, your preferences (desired transsexual profile) and your expectations.

A meeting on the site of love

Also, it is important to upload a photo of you in your daily life on your profile so that it shows all your authenticity. If you don’t want to show yourself, you can leave a photo blank. However, this greatly reduces your chances of appearing in the front page, but also of interesting other members. In addition, photos must comply with certain regulations in order not to be deleted. review and testimonial

My transgender Date member interviews

MyTransgenderDate is one of the most serious and reliable sites. Thus, it respects your privacy. In addition, it makes it easier to meet transgender people. If you are looking for your partner, the ideal is to go to this platform. It should be noted that we have tested this site and we are satisfied with the services it has offered us.

So a scam or not?

The charter and regulations of the MyTransgenderDate site make it a platform for meeting transsexuals. In addition, this site has a profile verification policy that allows you to pin false registrations. MyTransgenderDate is therefore not a scam, but rather a reference in terms of romantic dating between transsexual people.

As a testimonial, it is possible to consult on MyTransgenderDate the opinions and feedback from the site of members or new subscribers. To do this, go to the “What our members are saying” section to read the words left by users.

Please note: My Transsexual Date and My Transgender Date are the same site

You will surely find the mention My Transsexual Date in your search for a dating site, but do not dwell on it too much because My Transsexual Date and My Transgender Date are the same site.

Indeed, the new name of My Transsexual Date is My Transgender Date, the name change took place in 2021 to better adapt to the evolution of words in the trans community and to give an even more qualitative image, if you want more. details on this news you will find information here.

Alternative to MyTansgenderDate

Among the existing sites for transgender dating, other platforms also allow you to easily find transgender women. Among these, you can also go to the site of This platform appears as an alternative that facilitates exchanges for ephemeral relationships. You can also sign up on to find people of various sexual orientations for a serious relationship, we have reviewed that here. The particularity of this dating site is that it is oriented towards Asia, that is to say, Asian women. So make your choice between these two platforms and go in search of your ladyboy.

You now have all the information relating to the MyTransgenderDate site. You just need to become a member of this site to go in search of your transsexual partner. Also, don’t forget that you can make use of the secondary sites to try and find love in a cool community of transgender people.

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