MyTransSexualDate review – the dating site for transsexuals

It may be difficult to find a site where you can meet transsexuals to start a romantic relationship. However this paradise does exist and we tested it for you. By discovering MyTransSexualDate, you will no longer have an excuse to start a sincere relationship with a transsexual.

My TransSexualDate the reference to start a romantic relationship

If MyTransSexualDate presents itself today as the reference to start a romantic relationship with a transsexual womenis that before him, there was no real secure place to allow them to find true love.

Pornography, prostitution, scam … so many points that have permanently damaged the image of transgender people who only ask for one thing: have a romantic relationship and enjoy a married life like anyone else.

The site was created to fill this void in order to fight marginalization and protect shemale women, as well as men who are interested in them and who are looking for genuine love.

What sets it apart: Building lasting relationships

MyTransSexualDate is mainly aimed at men who want to meet and build a lasting relationship with a transgender person.

But since love is not a one-way street, the site is also aimed at transsexuals who want to meet men and since there is no limit, even other transsexuals.

The mission of MyTransSexualDate is thus to create a place allowing to provide a decent and quality meeting place to create lasting relationships between man and transsexual.

Take the opportunity to meet a transsexual woman

MyTransSexualDate thus promotes the opportunity to meet a transexual woman, in a secure place dedicated to this research, to experience a true love story.

To achieve this, the site has set up a policy promoting respect between different users, whether they are male or transsexual.

One-night stands are therefore not the target of the site and pornography and prostitution, which greatly degrade the image of shemales, are quite simply banned.

Presentation of the dating site:

The interface of MyTransSexuelDate is optimized to be used with the same comfort whether on computer, tablet or smartphone. You should also have no problem with the most famous search engines: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.


The interface of MyTransSexuelDate does not bother no superfluous functions for fast and efficient use. You will find three main functions: My profile, Online and Search on the left of the interface.

  • My profile : The “my profile” function allows you to quickly access your profile in order to view or modify it.
  • Online : The “online” function highlights the transsexuals who are currently connected to the platform.
  • Research : The “search” function allows you to filter transsexuals using a quick search (by country) or through an advanced search according to different options: age, city, size, status, type of search, etc.

MyTransexualDate search

To these are added secondary functions on the right of the interface, allowing you to:

  • Access your messages
  • Know who visited your profile
  • Access your favorites list
  • Access your account settings

Member profile

Just because we are on a transsexual dating site does not mean that the members’ profile changes drastically from a classic dating site. The profile is thus made up of different information about the transsexual which is divided into different categories:

  • A quick presentation : On the left of the profile and also visible in the “search” function, the quick presentation includes profile photos, first name, age, country of residence, marital status and operation status (trans operated or no).
  • About : In “About” you will find what the transsexual is looking for on the site and an exhaustive description (age, marital status, languages ​​spoken, weight, height…).
  • Description : The “description” section allows the transexual to complete the information from the two previous points. They are free to mark what they wish.
  • Pictures : In the “photos” section, you will find all the photos that the transexual has posted, in addition to the main one posted on her profile. is it free or not?

On there are two subscription plans: Standard and Premium, but in both cases registration is free.

Standard Members vs. Premium members

Without having to take out the bank card on MyTransSexuelDate, you can create a profile, post a maximum of 16 photos on it, appear in the search function and explore the profiles of other users. In this case, you are considered a standard member.

MyTransexualDate plan

However, to go further in the MyTransSexuelDate experience you will need to acquire the status of Premium member. With the subscription, you will be able to exchange messages with other users, be featured in “featured profiles” and have no limit on photos.

Premium subscription prices

MyTransSexuelDate offers different formulas for its Premium subscription: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, with decreasing rates depending on the number of months. So for a 1 month subscription you will pay € 24.90, while for 12 months the total bill will be equivalent to € 9.50 per month.

MyTransexualDate price

However, it should be noted that for each formula the payment is unique and you must therefore pay a single payment for the entire subscription.

For payment, the site accepts secure payment via Paypal, the use of a Visa or MasterCard bank card and even crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. For added security, the site does not keep your banking information.

Which subscription to choose

To get started on MyTransSexuelDate, we advise you to start with the 3-month subscription (€ 18.90 per month). This is the time that is deemed necessary to effectively discover the platform, while taking advantage of a small discount on the price.

In 1 month, we believe that it is complicated to create a relationship of trust with a user of the site with the aim of a serious relationship. In 3 months, however, you should have the time to get to know yourself well and to reflect on what will happen next.

How does registration on the site work?

On MyTransSexualDate, you have the possibility to register using your Facebook account or more traditionally, by filling out a form with your email address. But in both cases, the site is reserved for adults.

By choosing to go through the form, you will have to enter your gender (male or female transexual), your date of birth, your country of residence, your first name (or nickname), choose a password and necessarily, communicate your e-mail .

Make your profile on the site things to know and do well

A correctly completed profile will allow you to put the odds in your favor to meet the transexual of your dreams. Here are the things to know to do well.

Complete your profile

A properly completed profile is a complete profile and one that doesn’t lie about the commodity i.e. you. Be sincere in your approach where your interlocutor will quickly realize the deception.

MyTransexualDate profile

You must start by choosing the type of meeting you want, as well as the profile of the transsexual you are looking for, then complete your description (identity, physique, sexuality, way of life).

You are free to fill in your description as you wish, but keep in mind that a well-informed profile facilitates your presence on the site and show tansexuals who you are and what you want from them.


If you’re afraid to show off, you might as well not post a picture of yourself. Note, however, that a profile without at least a photo and a profile that does not encourage clicking on it. Are you interested in a profile without a photo yourself?

It is therefore strongly advised to upload at least one in order to have more visits on your profile and therefore more chance to match with a user. You do not need to play a role, favor a recent photo that represents you on a daily basis.

The photos are also all checked, so do not try to post a false photo or one that goes against the rules otherwise it will necessarily be refused by the site administrators. review and testimonial

Among the many more or less honest sites devoted to meeting transsexuals, MyTransSexualDate is a benchmark of its kind.

So a scam or not?

If you are told emphatically about it’s good that it is not a scam, but an example to follow to allow meetings between man and transexual in all serenity.

Even within the users of the site, you do not risk falling on a scam, each transexual being investigated to justify her registration. A system that creates encounters between people looking for the same thing: love.

Testimonials from members

To be sure, you can discover a section on the site “what our members say”, a veritable guest book of MyTransSexualDate. Users show their affection for a site that has been specially designed for their needs.

MyTransexualDate story

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