Neutral packages: tell me, what do you smoke?

The Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Mrs. Marisol Touraine, has just announced France’s commitment to want to establish standardized neutral packages for tobacco products in France.

Of unbranded cigarette packs, neutral having lost all distinctive sign: this is the commitment of the Minister of Health Marisol Touraine. Soon, unable to display his smoking preferences. The National Committee Against Smoking welcomes this more than symbolic decision.
But how can you buy packages that will only stand out once the object has been opened and the cigarette lit? A brake for fans of blue scrolls? In fact, the target is rather uninitiated young people. Karine Gallopel-Morvan, researcher in social marketing at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique enlightens us “Neutral packages standardized compared to current packages are considered dull, unstylish and no longer refer to the imagination of the brand, essential universe in triggering the act of purchase. Neutral packages do not make you want to be bought and in this sense, they constitute a major obstacle to the initiation of the youngest in the smoking. No more glamor, the surface of the packages will be used for prevention messages. Australia takes the plunge in December, the UK has launched a national consultation to implement this provision. and the European Union is currently revising a directive which should allow their adoption in France and in other countries. Marisol Touraine follows one of the recommendations made by the former UMP deputy Yves Bur. “France’s support is therefore particularly important at a time when the tobacco industry lobby is doing everything possible to prevent the adoption of a measure that could lead to a reduction in consumption and preserve thousands of lives ”underlines the Prof. Martinet, President of the National Committee Against Smoking.
Perhaps finally a non-stigmatizing but effective measure because it plays on the bling side, bling that appeals to young people so much: it will no longer be trendy to release your anonymous package. And it is a smoker who started in high school who speaks!

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