Never forget! A detective novel by Michel Bussi

Do you meet a pretty girl on the edge of a cliff?
Don’t reach out to him!
You might think you pushed her.

Wrong place at wrong time

In this book you will meet Jamal, a young man whose life has not spoiled him, with an accident which resulted in a prosthetic leg. A tragedy certainly, but which does not ruin his life, he has a destiny to catch up. He does not let himself be defeated and wants to follow through on his ambition to become the first disabled person to complete one of the most difficult endurance races in the world taking place in the French Alps, the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. , crazy race of 168 km with 9600m of vertical drop.

One morning in February, to reach his goal, Jamal left to train on the highest cliff in Europe. On his way he notices a red scarf caught in a fence. Looking closely, he sees the silhouette of a woman in the distance, who seems to be incredibly beautiful. She looks at him, but with a blank stare, she is ready to leap into the void. There is no one around them, they are alone. Time stops for a few moments. And by an act of bravery Jamal hands the red scarf to the young girl, but the latter tips over and he can no longer do anything.

Jamal travels as fast as he can up the cliff, arriving on the deserted beach, only an inert body, accompanied by a trickle of blood escaping from the skull he finds. Without forgetting the red scarf.

Everyone thinks he pushed her. He just wanted to save her. This is Jamal’s version, is it the real one?

What do I think about it?

Michel bussi

The author Michel Bussi, captivates us with his novel as much by the suspense that this one knows how to maintain in “Never forget”, he scrambles the tracks, multiplies the twists, letting us imagine at every moment what it can be. produce to the next second.

Jamal is an endearing character, he is mysterious and secret, we want to know more, to understand him. But we must believe it, the author plunges us into doubt from start to finish.

An incredible ending and we quickly get attached to Jamal, the main character.

At the last twist, the curtain rises and the stories fit together perfectly. The cliff of Etretat reveals its secrets to us and we have the verdict.

In the end Michel Bussi will play with you and play with you, you will be the person who will try to solve the case, but your attempts will lead you nowhere. He will keep you going throughout the book.

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