New financial assistance to adapt housing to seniors!

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Each year, the elderly or those with reduced mobility are victims of more or less serious falls in their home. If we have known this for several decades, there were not yet any solutions to remedy it. Emmanuelle Wargon recently spoke on this subject. She mentions a new financial aid, called “MaPrimAdapt ‘”, to adapt your home and eliminate mobility concerns. But, what is it exactly?

Emmanuelle Wargon talks about mobility within housing

One of the first interlocutors we heard about autonomy and mobility within housing was Jean Castex. After discussing the idea and the many difficulties inherent in it, he finally confirmed the creation of a new device. This speech made it possible to transfer the mission to Emmanuelle Wargon who was in charge of providing us with the last elements.

Before the creation of this new financial aid for seniors and people with reduced mobility, there was already other funding. However, the latter were difficult to access and required too much energy and investment. Based on this observation, it was essential to think about creating something completely new that would facilitate access to it.

Help to adapt your “MaPrimAdapt” accommodation

Finally, this aid does not only affect housing, but also the transport network. This aid is so comprehensive that it could bring together all those already existing and constitute a single device. Indeed, the objective being to facilitate the procedures, the people concerned should not know where to turn when they wish to benefit from it.

In fact, this device could allow the purchase of a new electric chair for stairs or a second-hand stairlift, but also other arrangements such as with sanitary facilities or the addition of a handrail. ‘access.

If there are, however, rest homes with all the necessary facilities, the State wished to respond to a citizen requirement, namely: aging at home.

Today, we do not yet know all the ins and outs of this new financial aid MyPrimAdapt ‘. We should know more next year, namely in 2022. What we do know, however, is that it is said that aid should be piloted by the National Housing Agency (Anah). We will then have to be patient to have more information and hope that this device will not be called into question with the new presidential elections.

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