News 5G in France – What are the prices at the Free Operator?

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Since the advent of 5G in France, rivalry has been fierce among GSM operators. Thus, the Internet service provider Free adjusts its existing packages, without any price increase. If you want to subscribe to this carrier, here’s what you need to know about their 5G tariffs.

What are the prices offered by Freemobile?

As the 5G connection is already available at Freemobile, the operator is launching its mobile plans with greater data capacity, at a non-variable cost. Indeed, the Free 5G package is offered at € 19.99, with a capacity of 150 GB of data offered per month to new subscribers. Freebox network customers are entitled to an unlimited 5G plan for only € 15.99 per month, and Freebox Pop customers must pay € 9.99 per month.

In addition, the supplier also offers 25 GB of data allowing access to the Internet, calls, SMS and MMS to more than 70 destinations around the world. These advantages differ from many other GSM operators. You can even take advantage of a 5G plan comparison to find out more.

Why go through this operator?

By the meaning of its name which means “free” in English, Free is a network which offers quality service at a good price. Since its advent, it has been considered the best of GSM operators in France. This communication network offers you promotional offers without obligation, with free Freebox. It also offers occasional increases in volume without price changes.

In addition, Free also offers you a perfect connection on mobile and other media. In addition, its international coverage is very good and reaches more than 70 destinations.

How to be eligible for 5G at Free?

To take advantage of 5G at Free, you must necessarily reside in one of the cities covered by this technology. It should be noted that currently, only large cities and arteries are beneficiaries of 5G. Nevertheless, you can take full advantage of it by getting a 5G sim card.

You can also benefit from it if your mobile is compatible with 5G. It will still be necessary to make some adjustments in the parameters of the device. If you need special assistance, you can contact a Freemobile agency.

How to subscribe to a 5G package at Free?

As 5G is the 5th generation of mobile telephone standards, it offers better speeds. To subscribe to a package with Free, you must first of all have a mobile compatible with the technology. Then, you will need to connect to your Subscriber Area and activate the 5G service there. You can also contact the operator’s sales department on 1044. This service is available every day, at any time.

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