How did the Jewish community find its place in Marseille?

Marseille is one of the largest cities in France with quite an interesting religious history. Although this has not always been the case, it is considered very welcoming to foreign communities. This is no doubt why the Jewish community had no real difficulty in finding its place there. Marseille, a


How to Organize a Sans Limite Party in Geneva?

The first step to throwing a limitless and successful party is to do a good preparation. If you want to organize a party in Geneva, for example, you must think earlier about the place of the party, a means of transport or the various distractions. All this in order to


Water treatment: How to avoid contamination?

At home, we consume water all the time. Bathroom, kitchen, heating circuit or even air conditioning, we use water on a daily basis. It is therefore important that this water is of good quality. For this, it must be avoided that it stagnates for a long time in the pipes.


How do new technologies manage and regulate road traffic?

In large cities as well as in local communities, we are witnessing the proliferation of many vehicles such as electric cars, classic cars and those called autonomous. The challenges related to traffic management are no longer the same, requiring new technologies for more efficient management. It is with this in


Who are the greatest historians in France?

France is renowned for its history and its passion for history. Many historians or apprentice historians appear in the media. We are going to present to you the six greatest historians of France! Note that this classification is obviously totally biased and that very good other historians would have deserved


Why is Julian Assange worried by American justice?

Quick Access to Content – Summary In the viewfinder of the American state, Julien Assange the founder of Wikileaks is being prosecuted for several counts. Exiled in London, more precisely in the Embassy of Ecuador for 7 years, the latter was indicted in the United States on May 23, 2019.


Housekeeper in Paris: How to choose?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Indispensable in some families, the housekeeper is the housekeeper who takes care of the cleanliness of your home, when you do not necessarily have time. She generally has know-how and experience in this area. Would you like to hire a cleaning lady? If so,


How to choose your first sex toy?

Quick Access to Content – Summary The year 2020 marked a real turning point in the sales of sex toys: the number of followers of adult toys has literally exploded during the successive confinements. Millions of French people have crossed the threshold. And you too have decided to buy your


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