Oasser – The Digital Breathalyzer – Review & Test

The Oasser T-5 solid-state digital breathalyzer is one of the most successful and popular models on the market. It is indeed simple to use and equipped with many practical features. Below, a detailed presentation of this breathalyzer.

Presentation video with Opinion and Video Test of the Oasser Digital Breathalyzer

Where to buy your Oasser Breathalyzer?

More information on the Oasser Digital Breathalyzer

Thanks to its small dimensions, this Oasser Breathalyzer can be easily stored in your car or your bag and can accompany you everywhere. It is recommended for any driver, but also practical for keeping control at parties with friends.

Easy to use, you just need to blow 5 seconds into the mouthpiece to quickly measure the amount of alcohol in your body. The device uses solid-state sensors to give you a reliable indication of your alcohol level on a clear, structured LCD display.

This Oasser breathalyzer integrates 2 intelligent functions: an Alert function using the lamp and a continuous beep to warn you when the test value is greater than 0.05% BAC, and a Memory function which stores and informs you about the result of the tests. Last 10 tests. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery is autonomous for more than a day.

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