Offer a beautiful game of chess: How to choose? Reviews & Comparison

If your idea is to offer a quality and beautiful chess game to an enthusiast, you will have to be very demanding in your choice. They are real enthusiasts, who bring great importance to details and visuals, more than a game will be an element that will take place in their decoration.

Why is the game of chess such a great gift?

The game of chess has the particularity of being very aesthetic whatever the type of game. It is rare to hate this game, even when you do not necessarily practice. It can be very pretty just for decoration, but it is always very tempting to play a game of chess with those around you.

There are models of great quality and with beautiful design, this is where the chessboard becomes an ideal gift. Look for example at the models available on Le Palais des Echecs, there are some with the material of your choice, but also with pieces representing different themes that may be important for the person who will receive this gift.

The chess game a gift with many functions

The game of chess can have several roles, especially for an enthusiast. To go into more detail for each need, a model is adapted and the level of the person, will have a role in this choice

  • Leisure, if the person who receives this gift likes to play so much as you can find very beautiful models that are more suitable for use in the game, you will not choose for example a porcelain model, which would be too fragile.
  • Decorative, for a choice of decoration, there will be no limit in the matter, the more beautiful it will be, the more it will be appreciable to contemplate and nothing will prevent playing chess games.
  • Competition, for this type of practice, you need a suitable model with the official size of 5 and made of Staunton pieces in beech. These are the norms for participating in competitions, if the person to whom you offer the chessboard competes, he will appreciate receiving a new chess game.

Buying guide for choosing a chess game to give as a gift

So you are not going to simply choose a chess game to play, you will have to push your research and be more picky, on certain points, in order to offer a beautiful model to the person who will receive it as a gift.

The size of the chess game

The size of this type of game is very variable, there are very small models and others, much larger. It will depend on the use that will be made of it, by your loved one.

If the game is to stay with the person, it is possible to choose one of a large size that can be 52 cm, it will not be disturbing.

But if the person intends to take it with them, on each trip you can find very nice models, small in size, sometimes even foldable, which is ideal for travel.

The material of manufacture

marble chess game
Beautiful marble chess game

The quality will depend greatly on the material used for the manufacture of the chessboard, for a beautiful model, which wants to be prestigious, solid wood is the best choice. But you can also find very beautiful models which will be used mainly for decoration like:

  • Brass
  • Gold
  • Porcelain
  • Crystal
  • Marble
  • The bronze

You will therefore make your choice according to the taste of the person and obviously your budget. These are chic materials, which will give a game of chess great splendor.

The design of the chess game

The design will have all its importance, in the choice of a beautiful chessboard. You will be able to find very beautiful models with very beautiful classic pieces, but also with pieces representing themes of historical wars, a certain era or a universe.

First and foremost, you have to make your choice while thinking of the tastes of the person who will receive this game of chess.

Possible options

Egypt theme chess pieces
Egypt theme chess pieces

This is a criterion which has an important role in both the practicality and the beauty of the product. All the details are important, for example it will be important to see if there is a storage system, for the parts, more than just rubber bands holding the parts, there should be a drawer.

If the person has to carry their game, it is ideal if it is in the form of a case when folded. And if he likes toy while traveling, the moment he is in a transport a movement, the magnetic parts are ideal.

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