Official biography of Warren Buffett: what do we discover in the book?

Biographical accounts are works retracing the lives of authors. This type of work is particularly popular when it concerns famous people. Warren Buffett is a perfect example.

This billionaire has seen published since 2010 a biography of his very intriguing career. Haven’t you read it? We will present this work to you through this article.

Character presentation

Warren Buffett is a famous American businessman. It was born in Nebraska at Omaha in 1930. After studying at columbia university, he returns to his land where he works from his home. The year 1962 saw the entrepreneur bet on Berkshire Hathaway. This company specializing in textiles will become the hub of its activities. Gradually, Berkshire Hathaway abandoned the textile industry and became the subsidiary of several companies.

A smart investment method sees a man grow his fortune every year. In 2008, he was named the richest businessman in the world. Its budget at the time was around $ 65 billion. In 2010, the one we nicknamed ” the oracle of Omaha »Publishes his biography in which he leaves the keys to his success to future stakeholders in the field.

Presentation of the book

The effect ball of snow this is the title of the work. It was written by the famous author Alice schroeder. The oracle of Omaha, known for his great discretion, did not hesitate to devote his time to the realization of this work.

Better, many people around him were asked for the careful decryption offered by this work. It thus offers you a qualitative and very informative collection. The book was edited by the house Valor and officially published on November 9, 2010. It is in French language.

It’s a book for all investment enthusiasts to read, but not just that.

The content of the book

Through this book, Warren Buffett gives us a detailed analysis of the businessman he is. He talks about his work philosophy and his successes. He also does not fail to give us some anecdotes.

Warren Buffett also gives us the behind the scenes of his great fortune. He goes back in depth on the precepts that made him famous. We thus discover methods that have already borne fruit that he offers to his readers. The snowball effect is thus a real treasure chest. Ultimately, this book traces the story of one of the greatest successes of our time. You absolutely must read it.

The quality of the literary work

Through this book, Warren tells us about his successes as well as his failures. This demonstrates the quality of the biography. In addition, we discover the depth of the investigations to understand the functioning of this genius. In addition, for you who want to invest from scratch, this book is primarily for you.

However, the lengths of some paragraphs could have been reduced. Also, the translations could have been a little more secure. Other than these few details, we highly recommend this book.

The Snowball Effect is thus a fascinating account of the life of Warren Buffett. We discover everything there is to know about the character, but also ask about the news, because he never stops working. Haven’t read the book yet? Do not wait any longer. In bookstores or online, get it as soon as possible for the most enriching reading.

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