OMRON EVOLV – The home blood pressure monitor – Review & Test

Full features and functionality of the blood pressure monitor OMRON EVOLV make it the best in its class. This device, which is very easy to use, is also practical for reliable monitoring of your blood pressure. We tell you more in our test below.

Video presentation with Opinion and Video Test of the Blood Pressure Monitor OMRON EVOLV

Where to buy your OMRON Healthcare brand blood pressure monitor?

More information about the blood pressure monitor OMRON EVOLV

Suitable for professional or home use, the blood pressure monitor OMRON EVOLV offers you a convenient and precise way to monitor your blood pressure or that of your loved ones. Data is collected with ease from high precision sensors located in the optimized cuffs. The device then provides a fast and reliable interpretation of the voltage measurements by color coding on the large LCD screen.

The precision of OMRON EVOLV is clinically proven, according to the methods of the European Society of Hypertension. The blood pressure monitor even detects and reports irregularities in the heartbeat. You have the option to check the average of your last 3 measurements, and the device can simultaneously manage monitoring data for 2 users. Finally, note that its autonomy is ensured by 4 Duracell AA batteries included.

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