Opening a café – How to attract the storefront?

3 seconds! It is the average time spent in front of a shop window according to some studies. It is also the period of time in which to capture the attention of potential customers. This is why it is vital to provide your business with an attractive storefront. This need is still pronounced when it comes to coffee, given the stiff competition that exists in this industry.

Choose stickers to display your logo on your storefront

The logo is the pictorial representation of your sign. At first glance, it provides information on your field of activity, but also on your orientations or particularities vis-à-vis the competition. It is therefore essential that it be clearly visible from the front of your café. It is therefore right that the first recommendation is to display it on the window.

To do this, the use of stickers is a good option. You can use unique personalized stickers that you will have custom designed. You can also use commercial stickers sufficiently representative of your activity.

The most important thing is that this logo is in perfect harmony with your brand, your philosophy and your decoration theme. You can also count on the stickers also inside your cafe, with original wall stickers, you can make a decoration that corresponds to your universe.

A spacious cafe

Install a sign to attract your customers

The sign is an essential tool in the promotion of an activity. It provides information on the name of the activity, but also and above all on the logo. The principle remains the same in the case of a coffee. Two types of signs exist and can enhance the front of your cafe. These are the flag ensign and the main ensign.

The last will be positioned parallel to the front of your cafe. You will have the choice between various styles (light boxes, cut letters, etc.). On the other hand, the first will be positioned perpendicular to the facade of your storefront. It offers the advantage of being large enough to catch the eye from afar. Whether the sign is horizontal or flagged, your facade will inevitably attract attention at nightfall.

Put a slate board to display your specialties

Who says coffee, refers to the different variations that you offer, but also to the various accompaniments and specialties of the brand. It is therefore essential to provide all this information to potential consumers. Nothing is more adequate than a chalkboard on which you can write your specialties.

Please have a slate board designed with good dimensions and quite original in shape. Calligraphy elegantly, your menu, to catch the eye. Position this communication tool so that it is as visible as possible.

The coffee bar

Be unique while respecting the laws of your city

Attracted from the storefront implies doing everything to stand out from the competition. The attention of the passer-by must be inevitably captured, so that he decides to step through your door. However, this result must be achieved in strict compliance with the legislation in force.

In France, each municipality has its own town planning regulations. So, before putting our advice into practice, you should contact your town planning department and get informed.

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