Or visit a submarine in France? In a real submarine it is possible!

Submarines are extraordinary vehicles that generally do not leave you indifferent. Evolving both on the surface and under water, they are not common devices. Associated with the military field, they naturally arouse interest. In France, several old submarines have been transformed into a museum and are now open to visitors. We offer you an overview of the options for visiting a submarine in France.

The Flore S645 submarine in Lorient

La Flore is a must-see if you want to organize a submarine tour in France. Located in Lorient La Base, a district where the U-Boot bunker of the Morbihannaise city is located, La Flore is visible on dry dock. The tour will take you both aboard the ship where you can discover the life led by the crew but also in the submarine base itself. A museum housed in the building designed in reinforced concrete will show you the strategic challenges of the submarine, the role it played in Lorient as well as the general operation of this type of machine.

L’Espadon – A submarine in Saint-Nazaire

A few tens of kilometers further south along the Atlantic coast is the Espadon, a submarine in service between 1960 and 1985 for the French navy. If he has never been engaged in combat during these 25 years, he continues today to play a role in transmitting knowledge of heritage to all those who come to discover it. Visible at the level of the submarine base in the town’s port, the Espadon will take you to discover the onboard machinery, torpedo tubes or the command post. The visit can continue in the Escal’Atlantic discovery area dedicated to the submarine but also to transatlantic liners.

The Redoubtable S611 – Board a nuclear submarine

Located within the walls of the Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg, the Redoutable S611 is a nuclear missile submarine (SNLE). Open to the public since 2002, Le Redoutable reveals all its secrets to visitors. As part of a visit with an audio guide, the day-long passengers will discover the living conditions on board, the different spaces of the ship and the challenges of the strategic protection provided by this type of submarine. Located within the Cité de la Mer, visitors will also be able to discover the transatlantic quay from which the famous Titanic left. You will also see there the scientific submarines which went to discover the liner in 4000 m of depth. Finally, the City will allow you to visit an aquarium.

L’Argonaute – A real submarine in the heart of Paris

You do not have to go to the coast to visit a submarine. Residents of the capital can also benefit from such an experience. Indeed, the Argonaute, a submarine in service during the 2nd half of the 20th century is exhibited at the Cité des sciences in the north-east of Paris. The interior of the submarine is open to visitors who can enter the bowels of the aircraft to discover its secrets.

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