Organize a secular funeral for your deceased grandmother

It is not an obligation to have a ceremony for a funeral, in a cemetery or in a crematorium, even if it is the first solution that comes to mind. Taking into account what your grandmother liked, you can tailor the ceremony and opt for a secular ceremony. Maybe you have a family home with a beautiful plot, which she liked to be with you, or maybe a specific place that was dear to her heart.

How to hold a secular ceremony in the cemetery?

If despite everything his wish was to be buried, you can do so in a completely secular way. Generally the ceremony lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour, you can plan a procession by meeting at the entrance of the cemetery until then burial.

If there is not enough room to gather everyone around the tomb, then it is better to plan a ceremony upstream and then take a walk. For good organization, it is good to go to the cemetery a few days before to see what can be done. Plan flowers, a photo of your grandmother, find out if you can play music and if you need to plan the necessary equipment.

Subsequently, you will have to plan the tombstone, a difficult time, if you do not want to go around the funeral directors, you will find the necessary within this company. You can choose from many models and find the one that will represent your love for your grandmother.

Prepare a ceremony in your own garden

If the wish of the deceased was to do this in a family place, a house with a garden is possible. If you are doing it on private property you do not need to request permission, however if the garden is visible from the outside then you need to apply to the town hall.

You can personalize the layout, the decoration and the entire ceremony. You will have the coffin where you want it, generally the funeral directors can lend you some material, such as trestles. He will be up to it and everyone can come and collect themselves. Your ceremony will be unique and will fulfill your grandmother’s wishes.

Doing a ceremony in the heart of nature, what are the obligations?

There is no prohibition on the organization of funerals in the wilderness, however it is necessary to make a prior declaration. You can do it at the town hall or with the prefect, at least 3 days before the ceremony.

In addition to this declaration, you must make a request to the owners of the space where you want to organize the ceremony. If the event takes place in a national forest, then you should check with the National Forest Office, on the other hand if it is in a field where a private forest then you will have to contact the owners.

After all the authorizations received, you must take into account the possibilities of access, for the funeral convoy, but also for the reception of your guests and the possibilities of parking. Finally, you will be free to organize the ceremony freely and do it to your liking, you will be able to play with what surrounds you, sumptuous trees, a river flowing near you. It’s up to you to adapt to the decor, throw flowers in the water, let the lanterns fly with wishes, the possibilities are endless, it’s up to you to make this event a well-deserved goodbye for your grandmother.

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