Otoplasty, the best solution to feeling good about yourself

Protruding or enlarged ears are often a source of stress and constitute a complex for many people. Today this malformation, which remains benign, can be corrected through reconstructive surgery. Its name is otoplasty. Find out here how otoplasty works and everything that surrounds this surgery.

What is otoplasty?

Having protruding ears is a malformation that affects nearly 5% of French people. Today, a majority of them are looking for the solution to overcome it and thus turn to otoplasty.

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that will correct the problems associated with protruding ears and give the opportunity to reshape or reposition the ears optimally. The otoplasty will thus make it possible to correct all the aesthetic abnormalities of an ear and allow patients to resolve certain complexes or certain diseases.

Where to perform otoplasty?

In France, if you want to have an otoplasty, it is advisable to turn to hospitals, cosmetic surgeons or specialized structures. However, according to experts, it is recommended that you turn to cosmetic surgeons who will be better able to provide you with quality service.

When you feel ready to call in a professional, don’t hesitate to find out which surgeons you want to turn to in order to make the best possible choice. Give preference to word of mouth which will allow you to have direct opinions.

From what age is it possible to perform otoplasty?

To be performed on an organ with advanced development, otoplasty is recommended for people aged at least seven years. It is also necessary for a minor to have parental authorization although the request must imperatively be personal whatever the age.

For adults, the operation is accessible and possible at any time. However, it is advisable or even recommended to avoid doing it during the period of puberty. Indeed, this can have a direct impact on healing.

Why will you feel better about yourself thanks to it?

Being a reconstructive cosmetic surgery, otoplasty will allow people with complexes or who have suffered bullying because of their malformation to regain self-confidence.

Beyond this confidence, it will also raise the esteem that they have of themselves and at the same time, meet the aesthetic criteria that remain important in society. Otoplasty thus brings together many advantages that allow a patient to fit into the mold of society by giving him an impression of belonging to a community and not a feeling of differentiation which can be heavy to bear.

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