PapyStreaming to watch movies and series in streaming, a good idea?

If you are interested for a while in streaming sites, you must have already heard about PapyStreaming which is one of the leaders of the genre on the French web.

But is it really a good idea to visit it so that you can watch movies and series? We invite you to discover how PapyStreaming works and the dangers of illegal streaming sites.

Papystreaming, the oldest streaming site

In the landscape of streaming sites, we can say that PapyStreaming lives up to its name. Indeed, it is one of the oldest sites of its kind still in activity in France despite the various blocking attempts by a group of cinema professionals, supported by the CNC, after the short eviction of Zone-Download. .

The main particularity of PapyStreaming is its link with Cacaoweb, a software that allows you to watch videos on the site. This software also allows users to upload and download files, so the site is presented as both a streaming site and a download site.

How PapyStreaming works

Once connected, you will find more than 200 animated films and more than 10,000 different series and films at your disposal for free. The site offers a ranking of videos according to their popularity if you feel like it.

Thus, by clicking on a film, you will have all the information about it: the summary, year of release, duration, trailer, cast, etc. But as we said previously, PapyStreaming is in close collaboration with Cacaoweb.

Be aware, however, that if you have not yet downloaded the software, PapyStreaming proves to be insistent, not failing to remind you of its existence at the slightest opportunity. For example, there are links to download it above the videos you want to watch.

Note, however, that the Cacaoweb software is not free. Even if the bill is not salty, it is better to be warned in advance. It will take 7.99 € to take advantage of its services with a monthly subscription or pay cash 59.99 € to have a lifetime account!

Pay attention to the PapyStreaming domain name

Each site offering illegal streaming or downloading for a while or not very famous meets the same difficulties. A cat and mouse game has been set up by the authorities, and with the help of search engines, to hasten their closure.

In this race for survival, PapyStreaming, like Zone-Downloads in its time, is forced to regularly change the domain name extension in order to confuse the issue.

However, the difficulties of being a famous streaming site do not end with the war with the authorities. Success stirs greed and many clones wanting to take advantage of their audiences have emerged on the web, multiplying misleading domain names.

A simple search for Papystreaming on Google allows for example to find the following domain names:,,…

The list is long and complicates the visibility of the site on search engines for uninformed users. So be careful where you put your feet at the risk of falling on a site more dishonest than the original … and which may represent a certain danger.

What is streaming and what is illegal?

Streaming is the name that is commonly used to designate a technology making it possible to distribute audiovisual content (films, series, music, etc.) on the internet. Unlike downloading, the user then consumes this content in the form of a video or audio stream which can be live or delayed.

With streaming, the user does not have the data on the storage of his peripheral (computer, smartphone, smart TV, etc.). The files are thus hosted and distributed from an external server, before being loaded into the peripheral’s RAM and being read on a multimedia player.

As a technology, streaming is therefore not illegal in itself and what really poses a problem is the use that is made of it by the broadcasting services by not respecting the necessary authorizations from the rights holders of the content. offers.

On this observation, we can then find legal streaming offers and illegal streaming services. On the legal streaming side, we can find Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or OCS that pay copyright to broadcast content on their services.

Conversely, sites like Streamiz, PapyStreaming, Zone Streaming or LibertyVF shamelessly register as illegal streaming sites by managing to make money thanks to advertising (and in this case Cacaoweb) without s’ pay copyright on the content they host.

What are the risks of using illegal streaming sites?

Technically, you risk next to nothing watching content on an illegal streaming platform because you are not actually downloading the file. It is then the sites or the user who hosted the offending content that may be concerned by legal action.

However, if this observation applies in theory to the gray area that is illegal streaming reading in French legal texts, it can also be turned against you by a more thorough than average lawyer.

If you do not actually download the file, it is indeed stored temporarily in the RAM of your device when you view it. Legally you do not fall for counterfeiting, but you can be worried about complicity and concealment of counterfeiting.

To take no risk, we therefore recommend not to use illegal streaming sites and to favor legal streaming offers. By changing your method of consumption, you do not encourage the concealment of protected works and allow rights holders to be fairly compensated.

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