PapyStreaming to watch movies and series in streaming, a good idea?

Quick Access to Content – Summary

If you’re looking for a streaming site to watch movies and series, you’ve probably heard of Papystreaming. However, is it a good idea to go on this one? Here is some information on its history and how it works.

Papystreaming – A bit of history

Papystreaming, like Zone-Download in its time, has suffered various blocking attempts by the CNC and groups of cinema professionals to try to eliminate it from the French streaming landscape.

But despite the difficulties, Papystreaming is therefore still standing, still alive, to the delight of Internet users. This resistance having allowed him to cross the years, it makes him one of the oldest sites of the kind still active in France.

In order to quantify the content of the platform, there are at least more than 10k of different films and series and more than 200 animated for fans of japanimation. All available free of charge, as with the majority of streaming sites and to the delight of Internet users.

How Papystreaming works

PapyStreaming presents itself as both a streaming site and a download site. Visitors can actually watch movies and series just like on a regular streaming site, but that’s not all.

One of the peculiarities of PapyStreaming is to be in close collaboration with Cacaoweb. The latter is a software allowing users to upload and download files on the platform.

It is also very complicated to miss its existence when you visit Papystreaming. The site does not miss the opportunity to encourage you to take out a subscription in order to benefit from its advantages.

Because indeed, if Cacaoweb has a central place on the platform, it is not a free service. You will still have to pay € 7.99 to benefit from a monthly subscription, or € 59.99 for a “valid for life” account.

Pay attention to the Papystreaming address

If you don’t already have Papystreaming in your favorites, finding the real address of the site can be very complicated. So, while searching perhaps you have already come across different sites, with different extensions, bearing his name.,,… all three are found on the front page of searches. But, in reality, the list is much longer and can still change between the time of this writing and when you read us.

However, we prefer to warn unsuspecting users, most of these sites are clones or empty carcasses of the real Papystreaming. You may find what you are looking for there, but it is at your own risk.

Why can Papystreaming change address?

To put it simply, if Papystreaming changes address regularly it is to survive imminent death. The famous sites of the genre are forced to play the leak option to prevent the authorities, with the help of search engines, from rushing their closure.

The second reason that can explain this observation is that the authorities are not the only danger of a streaming site. Success stirs up lust and many clones, more dishonest than the original, have emerged on the web in an attempt to get a piece of the pie.

This clone war is therefore partly responsible for the many domain names that we have mentioned above. And even for the leader, it is sometimes better to retreat by changing address to come back stronger.

What is streaming and what is illegal?

In itself, streaming is not illegal because it is the name used to designate a technology allowing the distribution of videos and / or sound on the Internet. In principle, the user therefore consumes, with streaming, audiovisual content in the form of a live or deferred stream.

What makes streaming legal or illegal is the way it is used by the different streaming platforms. Because to be able to distribute content, whether free or paid, you must have the necessary authorizations from the various rights holders.

There are then legal streaming offers, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or OCS. The latter therefore pay copyright, see exclusive contracts to distribute the content they host.

Conversely, services such as Directory-Downloads, Streamiz, LibertyVF, Download Zone or Papystreaming are therefore considered as illegal streaming and / or downloading sites. They therefore have no contract with the rights holders, who lose control over their productions.

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