Papystreaming to Watch Streaming, Is It the Best Choice?

In France today, Papystreaming is a benchmark in online streaming that claims nearly 2 million visitors every month. With the ranges loaded with anime, TV shows, films and series that it offers, this number continues to grow.

But given the sanctions the platform has suffered over the past decade, it turns out to be illegal. We then wonder if it is really the best choice to watch online streaming.

To clarify the question, we present this focus on Papystreaming with a complete presentation, its history, its functioning, its dysfunctions, its illegal aspect and some alternatives.

Full presentation of Papystreaming

PapyStreaming is an unlimited and free streaming site that offers the large French and French-speaking community a vast catalog of high-resolution video content. On Papystreaming, you have shows, cartoons, films and series listed by genre and filterable according to other criteria suitable for the most common of users (actor, year, rating, etc.).

Born in France, Papystreaming is one of the most popular sites with the public. It has more than 10,000 films, 15,000 series and approximately 200 animated films, which it has become difficult not to find what it is. Moreover, the platform receives thousands of visitors every day, who are delighted to find their videos of yesteryear and today.

The site also has a special section Babystreaming which, make no mistake, is not dedicated to children, but on the contrary, to adults exclusively. It actually contains content of a sexual nature.

What is the history of this platform?

It must be said, the history of Papystreaming is old and somewhat remarkable. Of all the platforms of its time, it is the only one that has not definitively gone out of business but continues to satisfy its ever-increasing number of users.

Papystreaming was officially launched in 2013 in France and immediately enjoyed great success with the public. But with the growing number of illegal streaming enthusiasts growing rapidly on the web, legislation has stepped in to warn dishonest people who are practicing illegally.

The site was therefore the victim of sanctions from the competent authorities and had to close or (if you prefer) change its address. The most recent closing dates back to May 2019.

How does the Papystreaming site work?

Although not very young, Papystreaming has a neat interface that is easy to use for young people and adults. You have the 2 sections Papystreaming Film and Papystreaming Series, the long bar of the alphabet, the corner Kind and the corner ratings and reviews allowing you to quickly find your content.

In terms of operation, Papystreaming does not itself host the videos it offers. It just does link SEO which allows you to watch content hosted on reputable platforms like Dailymotion, Videomega, and YouTube.

On Papystreaming, to watch your movies and series, you don’t need to register, subscribe, or anything else. Only, to be able to make downloads, Papystreaming requires the installation of the paid software Cacaoweb on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

What address can I find PapyStreaming on and why may it change?

Today, you can join the platform at, but as you will have noticed, this address changes often, especially the server domain (.com, .so, .ws, etc.). This may be due to 2 factors: the popularity of the site and the streaming legislation.

It’s a fact: Papystreaming is a very popular and popular platform. And so, many people take advantage of this notoriety to copy the site and even its name, to also evolve in the field of streaming. Papystreaming is therefore obliged to change address to remain active and satisfy its users.

The other reason for address changes is the legislation on illegal streaming. Indeed, the site has already been blocked in France in 2019 and is very often in the sights of the anti-piracy authorities. So when a threat of closure looms, Papystreaming changes its address.

Why is streaming illegal?

It all depends on the mode of acquisition of the content presented on the streaming platforms. Indeed, on many platforms including Papystreaming, it is protected content that they distribute without being the authors, nor having the publication rights. This is where we talk about illegal streaming, because it is a clear violation of intellectual property.

So you understand that streaming is not an activity in every sense illegal and not proscribed by law. There is indeed legal streaming and illegal streaming unfortunately too widespread today.

Are there any risks for me if I watch streams?

No, not quite ! In France, if you only watch content (protected or not) posted on a platform, legally you are not guilty of anything. All responsibility weighs on the holder of the platform. But it’s when you do downloads that you are to blame.

The first time you start a download you will receive a warning email because know it: by downloading, we can trace your IP address and trace it back to you. During a 2th attempt, you are warned by a second email. At the next repeat offense, a physical letter is sent to you and which orders you to stop your activity on pain of a financial penalty and / or a prison sentence.

What are the alternatives to Papystreaming?

It is obvious that Papystreaming has a lot of strengths that attract a lot of streamers. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that Papystreaming carries with it the seal of illegality in its multiple addresses. So if you want an alternative to Papystreaming, it better be legal.

Some people will advise you to simply install a VPN, but be aware that VNP is just for hiding your IP address while you are out and about, and an effective VPN usually comes with a cost. So in short, you pay but you are still illegal. So why not take a subscription directly to a professional legal streaming site, at a very affordable cost?

In this wake, you have Netflix, the most famous streaming platform with its multilingual and international community. You also have other platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, OCS, …

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