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PSG lovers have recently seen a new online store dedicated exclusively to the sale of products from their club. Named Paris Memorabilia, it already owns several thousand Paris Saint-Germain products.

Let’s take a look at their offer and give our opinion after a first purchase.

For information, the site concerned by this notice is:

What can we find on Paris Memorabilia?

Paris Memorabilia is for PSG enthusiasts and collectors. There is a large quantity of products there, mainly second-hand items, although a few new models are sometimes on sale.

First in sales are old Paris Saint-Germain jerseys. Some exceptional pieces like PSG jerseys dating from the early 90s go out in a few days when they are on sale. Another category is dedicated to PSG scarves.

For fans of collectable papers, they will be delighted with the photos hand-signed by PSG players, hundreds of cards with authenticated or not signatures, and the famous tickets. Some tickets even date from the 80s when PSG, with Susic, entered the hearts of the French.

Finally, there are sometimes a few rare items such as Team journals, “collector” pennants or flags.

Is Paris Memorabilia a trusted site?

Paris Memorabilia is a professional site. When you order on it, you therefore have the guarantees provided by a professional such as the possibility of returning the item if it does not suit you.

Based in France, Paris Memorabilia prides itself on selling only authentic products. For those who love to collect jerseys, they know how hard it has become to find authentic jerseys on the web, especially for the most recent versions …

Then, by reading the different product sheets, we see that Paris Memorabilia tries to be as honest as possible with large photos and rather complete descriptions of the states. Better, for certain cards, the site specifies that the signatures of the players cannot be authenticated, while there is no doubt that most sellers would have certified that the card had been signed by the player.

Our opinion on our first order

We placed a first order for a home jersey from the year 1997/1998 in size L. We ordered on Sunday and received confirmation the following morning that our order had been taken into account.

On Tuesday morning, the package was sent and an email was sent to us with the tracking number. When we received the jersey, we had the pleasant surprise of having a vintage Chantôme card offered in the package.

Granted, it’s not some crazy collector’s item we’re going to place on our desk, but it’s always nice to have a little attention like this.

The jersey perfectly matched the description, turns out to be authentic and spoiled the lucky recipient who was celebrating his birthday as it should.

Conquered, we will now think of Paris Memorabilia for our next order of products on the PSG. The store also seems to be run by a true enthusiast who never forgets to add a “Go Paris” to each of these emails! And yes, the message is clear: this is a shop made by and for PSG fans.

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