Parisa from Marseillais in Thailand from W9 how did she overcome these accusations?

Internet users had discovered Parisa on W9, being presented as the Marseille booker during the season in Thailand. In the process, the young woman was the victim of the wrath of virulent Internet users, accusing her of being a ladyboy. But how did she manage to overcome these accusations?

Is Parisa really a ladyboy?

Even before her first appearance in the Marseillais in Thailand, Parisa was already the victim of harassment concerning her physique on social networks. In question its alleged resemblance to a ladyboy, the name given to men who have become women in Thai.

Shortly after, it was the appearance of a cliché showing Parisa in a swimsuit that ignited the fire. Internet users having discovered a slight growth in her bikini.

Accusations which, if they were false, forced the main interested party to explain and regularly deny the information to the public, on its social networks and in the press.

Parisa’s responses to overcome these accusations

To overcome these accusations, Parisa went through different stages to write her answers. Using humor at first, she subsequently chose to tackle the physique of her haters as well.

Accusations which have therefore proved to be persistent over time, pushing the young woman, exasperated, to respond with virulence. But the coup de grace to this “Parisa affair” turned out to be a new cliché, showing Parisa as a child and belonging to the female gender.

To justify that she was not a ladyboy, Parisa had to fight publicly for several months, until finally publishing a cliché and information relating to the private sector.

Faced with this story, there is therefore a real question that we are entitled to ask: If Parisa was a real ladyboy, should she really justify herself in this way?

In France, does a ladyboy still have to publicly justify his choice?

If ladyboys are perfectly integrated into Thai society, we cannot say that this is the case in France.

With us, the trans community remains very invisible and the slightest public exposure can easily turn into large-scale harassment on social networks. The community finds itself between a small group and a small local community, Marseille is no exception and there are trans meeting points as with

But that does not prevent meetings outside of his relatives and long-distance relationships, dating sites have been formed and greatly help transgender meetings, we will think of MyLadyBoyDate and MyTransexualDate.

Already in 2015, Karine Espineira, specialist in the media representation of transidentities, told in the columns of France Info: “Trans people fascinate as much as they frighten, because, somewhere, they demonstrate by their existence something that many people thought was unprovable.

In France and more widely in all Western societies, it is therefore our binary perception of gender that makes transexuality a taboo that is still difficult to accept in the public arena.

This observation means that, in fact, nowadays a ladyboy still has to justify himself publicly for his choice and suffer the hatred of a part of the general public … Only part of it, because customs are likely to evolve with the last generations, more inclined to debate the issue of gender and accept each other’s differences.

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