Paula Hawkins’ train girl

Love, deception, but above all an unexpected disappearance! Who has never imagined, the lives of people glimpsed through a train window?

An event will have been enough to break the daily newspaper

Twice a day, at 8:04 am in the morning and 5:56 pm at the end of the day, Rachel a young woman who has just come out of a completely failed marriage, due to the deception of her husband! Every day this young woman, who is in a rather gloomy mood, takes the train in the suburbs to go to London.

And like every day the same ritual, she sits in the same place, to watch the landscape pass by. But a house that is located below one of the train stops draws his attention every day. By dint of walking past this house, Rachel even gave a name to the occupants. They named the couple Jason and Jess. For her it is a perfect couple, happy, in being the couple she would have liked to be with her ex-husband, before he cheats on her and leaves her.

Country house

But one morning it is no longer Jason that Rachel sees at the window of the small house, it is another man who is with Jess. The perfect couple, isn’t it as much as Rachel thought. Is Jess cheating on her husband with this man?

This discovery upsets Rachel, her model couple will not resist, just like hers. Rachel can’t let this happen, she decides to do more research on this couple and find out about their true lives.

But one day when she opened the newspaper it was with amazement that she saw the photo of Jess, or rather Megan Hipwell of her real name, she would have disappeared …

What will Rachel do? Is this the time for Rachel to live a new life as a detective that will take her out of her daily life?

What do I think of the girl on the train?

We take on the character, we want to discover where Megan Hipwell is, we cling to the characters, we put ourselves in Rachel’s shoes. Once the book has been opened, it cannot be closed any longer, it must be read in one go to discover the end of the story!

I can all the same note, a fairly long conditioning, you have to hang on and not give up, because the story that follows necessarily wins us over! A far cry from Michele Jaffe’s Haunting is much more oppressive and direct, but Paula Hawkins involves you in Rachel’s life as it does every day.

Who has never imagined, the lives of people glimpsed through a train window?

You might have the soul of a great detective, reading Paula Hawkins’ Train Girl might be the start of a new passion for investigations. If you are looking for new books, I suggest you check out the Great Detective books on this page.

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