Paw Patrol Patrol Truck Paw Patroller

Are you looking for a gift to give to your children, on the occasion of Christmas or a birthday? The Paw Patrol – 6053406 is the product for you. Signed Paw Patrol, this toy integrates all the functions of the famous Pat ‘Patrol truck. Here is the presentation of the product.

Paw Patroller Patrol Truck Review and Test Video

Where to buy the Paw Patrol truck?

Introducing the Paw Patroller Patrol Truck

The Patrol Truck is a toy that imitates the incredible utility of the heroes of the Paw Patrol. Toddlers can use this truck to put out a fire or rescue endangered characters with the mega ramp. The large truck contains several components that make it possible to live onamazing adventures.

With a length of over 70 cm, this truck can hold your entire collection of vehicles. These are Stella’s ship, Ryder’s quad, and the cars of the other Paw Patrol members. The product has a cockpit and a button which triggers the siren and opens the trailer.

Inside the truck are all the headquarters units. We distinguish in particular a elevator, a runway and one control center for Rider.

Paw Patroller Patrol Truck: a simple and practical toy

The Paw Patroller Patrol Truck is a product in great demand by toddlers. This is a simple toy, but perfectly suited forfun for children from 3 to 9 years old. No assembly is required, the product is already ready for use. It is also noted educational values since it helps develop the child’s senses (hearing, touch and sight).

However, improvements could be made to the finishes. Likewise, some functions like the elevator would be more interesting if they were automated.

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